OH MY GOD!        

Since we published The City of Light Sedona in 2009, I have been sharing the exciting information I have received from hundreds of visits I have been blessed to take into the City of Light. When we published my second book, I was guided to title it SOMETHING’S COMING! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing!   Now as a result of my visit to the City of Light Embassy of Peace Headquarters May 27th, I am so happy and grateful to share the following report that the CITY OF LIGHT is ALREADY HERE, Imagine That! 

City of Light Embassy Visit May 27, 2014

As I enter into a visual meditation state to go into the City of Light it is so bright that I can hardly see it.  The light is that brilliant. It indeed will be an attention getter across the world. Wow! The outside of it sparkles and is lit beyond my explanation. I feel such delight and joy as I approach one of the huge gorgeous power gates with an Angel statue smiling down at me.

“Oh My God! Is this what we are to expect upon our delivery? First class does not say it! OMG does!  How can I explain this?” I wonder as tears of thanksgiving run down my face.  It has been a long time in coming, but well worth the wait. OMG! People will be saying these words for it could be no other as nothing else fits what I am experiencing.

Meeting me is La-Luke, who seeing my condition, takes my hand and we enter the gate under the Angel who seems to smile. “Why not, it is worth smiling about.”  I feel a bit unsteady which is unseen, but felt energy waves of such love that cannot be explained except OMG!

Inside the City gate is, of course, also pure light, but somehow a bit different like a softer higher volume than we experience in our daily life. Each building I see is pure sparkling light, white with tiny crystal shards embedded in the exterior, which could be why people have been seeing crystal cities for many years somewhere in time. Could it be the reflections from the city buildings?

Click Here to read my complete report on this exciting visit to the City of Light and our invitation to help us develop and operate a City of Light Information Center in Sedona based on the guidance I was given.

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