Four Keys to Light

Introduction to The 4 Keys to Light

Bringing much advancement to the student’s path, The 4 Keys to Light are an extraordinary and greatly accelerated initiation into higher consciousness. This program assists you in developing the ability to consciously connect and remain connected to your Supreme Light and the higher Light Intelligences that are assisting and guiding your lifestream.

You will receive and remember these ancient and most holy teachings that will catapult you into mastery, self empowered knowing, sacred trust and responsibility.

In the first key, you will anchor The Word, the most powerful word of Creation to support your mission in the planetary shift and the mastering of dualistic energies. Atonement is the harmonic simplicity of tone to align all of your energetic bodies to the rhythms of the Universe. Your guiding forces of Light will make themselves known as you learn to connect to, transmit and use Divine Intelligence in your life’s mission.

The 4th key is considered the most celebrated moment of your embodiment. The Light Linkage will greatly accelerate your advancement, as an open channel of Love, into Oneness as any remaining separations are abolished through the Power of Light.

The most important consideration to anchor these high frequencies of Light unification, is to remain in a state of absolute surrender to Divine Will and to use these teachings in your daily devotion. We all must exercise the newly expanded awareness while remembering that our mission is to embody self mastery on every level. With the assistance of The 4 Keys to Light program, we deepen our commitment and anchor our mission as Ambassadors of Light.

The Genii

The Genii

The 4 Keys to Light is facilitated by Genii Townsend of Sedona, also known as “the Genii”. Genii may be contacted at 928-284-5566 or by email at

Click Here to visit the introduction to The 4 Keys to Light Training on the Sedona Light Center web site.

3 Responses

  1. I have taken the 4 Key to Light class (twice because I had the opportunity), and I rate it a perfect 10 for delivering really meaningful content, and effective spiritual practices. It has had a most positive impact on my life. I highly recommend this class to everyone.

  2. Genii i feel it and the word is spreading,we are so ready,GOD BLESS US ALL. LOVE RICK

  3. Hi Rick! Yes, GOD’s Infinite GOoD is Blessings us all. And we thank you for helping The Light Center share the GOoD News that Something’s Coming!

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