The City Beneath the City

Inner Workings Beneath The City Of Light!
October 10, 2008

Reentering the City can take many levels of consciousness. When you have
achieved a certain level of consciousness, the passage will be accomplished.
This time the passage or visit was designed to take us beneath the City. It is a
city within a city.

Massive in its undertaking, it is awesome beyond awesome is the closest I can
come to expressing. The mechanics of running such an overhead vehicle, which
the power of God itself envisioned, must be something to behold.

Computer types of different kind and most not ever seen before process the
above, with huge wall-size screens on which visions of the City above are
captured. Many entities are active and actually possess the computer light
information themselves, like walking computers, of each building above. Now I
am saying these are “computers”, as this is my current knowledge of them, but
they are much more complicated than that.

This underworld is an electromagnetic field all of its own, and one would think
with all this machinery it would be quite noisy but it is totally silent, putting me
almost into a meditative state. It is not dark inside, either, but daylight bright. The
computers seem to be attached to whatever building of healing or light standards
above. My vision is limited in expressing the massive effect all this has on me, a
world unknown yet producing a world above for our visions and healings to be

Going to the moon was child’s play compared to what makes this City of Light
light up. I am assuming that what makes this City function is in place before it
appears, yet I am informed not so. All is connected.

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