The Embassy of Peace Headquarters

Introduction to the City’s Embassy of Peace Headquarters

Within the confines of the City of Light there is a spectacular building known as
the Embassy of Peace Headquarters. It is dressed in white with gold exteriors
that amplify the opulence of the City itself. Inside and outside, this building is
surrounded by fragrant flowers of all kinds producing gardens of beauty that
touch the senses full force. Breathtaking? Yes! Dramatic? Yes! Informative?

This is where I was invited to come and ask any questions of highly evolved
entities who sat in readiness to deliver answers regarding the City, and even the
universe if I so chose. How great is this?

To get there I was to meet with my Guide at one of the now familiar five-story
high Gates leading into the City itself. To ride to this building we were carried on
a wheel-less, driverless trolley-type vehicle. On my first visit inside we were met
by several unidentified leaders of some sort who either sat or stood (to indicate
respect) behind a horseshoe-type advanced apparatus, perhaps what we would
call a table, but it was much more.

As we entered, I was led to a throne-like chair which I could only guess was for
dignitaries. It was very plush and comfortable. “Yummy”, was my silent inner
response. What was behind them is what made this place awesome, for it was
like a hollowed out amphitheater of hundreds of entities faintly seen but present
nevertheless, like a cosmic community. Awesome!

So, then, the scene being set, I invite you to journey with me to listen in on the
conversations that took place between those in command and the Earthling, me,
collected throughout many continuing visits I have complied them here for your

So Light it Be!

You will find many of the visits Genii has made to the Embassy of Peace Headquarters under that heading on the left side of this page. In addition, she will be reporting periodically to Members of The Sedona Light Center on all of her messages and her visits to the City and she will post many of them on this blog.

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