A Closing Embassy of Peace Message

A Closing Embassy of Peace Message
Received July 27, 2010

OOO-LON: “Permit it to be known to anyone reading this message, that the
Embassy of Peace Genii visits have not concluded, however the contents of the
previous visits contained within these pages are enough to stir the imagination
into the credibility of the dramatic presentation coming on the earth stage, are
correct in the information given.”

“Some will say in reading this, ‘I will believe it when I see it!’ Some will say, ‘Yes,
I believe I indeed will see this manifested, praise GOD!’ Both are correct.”
“So then, permit the Light dwelling within these pages of truth, honor, love and
healings to bear witness that, The Source of All … (call it what you may) has
declared this CITY imprint of love and healing as a gift to the people of the Earth

“The Genii has done her part in allowing us to come forth through her Light Body
(electrical system) to share information of massive global change, and she has
visual visitation rights into the City of Light, as well of any location including the
Embassy of Peace Headquarters.”

“Those who has chosen to support this dynamic process, through putting the
information into this manuscript form, with their love, talents and intent, and to
see it into the hands of the Earth public are to be commended and
congratulated, with thanks of Light, even from us in the Embassy Cosmic
Community (unseen, but certainly in action.)”

“Today is what it is, tomorrow will be something else quite dramatic and its
effects will be felt around the world for peace and healing is the intent and love is
the message. MAKE NOTE: This printed document you now hold WILL GO
DOWN IN HISTORY as the Pre- Announcement of Coming Attractions. I, OOOLON,
Commander of Space Light and Embassy Interpreter between the Cosmic
Community and the Genii declare this to be so … as stated!”

So Light it Be!

NOTE from Genii. We had thought this visit to the City of Light Embassy of
Peace Headquarters would be the last visit included in this edition of the
manuscript. Then on the very day that my business partner Charles Betterton
was to upload it, I enjoyed yet another visit to the City and I was advised to
include it here. There have been many more visits and many more will occur in
the future as the City comes forth into this dimension. All relevant visits and
updates will be posted to our blog site at https://sedonacityoflight.wordpress.com/.

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