A Time for Light

A Time for Light
EMBASSY VISIT May 26, 2009

My destination was the Embassy of Peace and I wondered what would take
place within this amphitheater of cosmic visionaries who also gather there,
headed up by several who speak with me from a place of power and love. I
wondered what to ask as we entered. Maybe nothing? Maybe just listen and
absorb? The collection of cosmic minds inside was consciousness at its highest
peak so I had a curiosity and expectancy for what would take place.

As we entered there was indeed the sensing of much power and love mixed like
a delicious concoction. Once more I recognized OOO-LON, the leading speaker,
as I was led to the throne-type chair as before.

OOO-LON rose and spoke, “Welcome to the assembly of Cosmic Intenders.
How may we serve you?”

I gulped, as I had no real question, just what I had been thinking about the 2012
date line.

OOO-LON spoke again. “We detect your interest in a dateline that could be a
target of that interest, so permit us to gather in combined thought and answer.”

For a moment or two there was total, really total silence; not a breath was heard.
There must have been hundreds of entities in this arena who all stopped
breathing at the same moment, or at least it seemed that way, like all thoughts
had stopped the clock. Clock? What’s a clock? It felt like nothing, a void, a
moment in time. What is time? A connecting of mental oneness that we don’t
experience normally. The message was clear.

Then, as if someone turned on a switch for God to begin again, these entities
that I sensed came from some far off cosmic community returned from wherever
they went in those few moments. My guide smiled down at me from where he
stood beside me.

OOO-LON continued: “Dates are man’s way of keeping time in constant
continuum for various reasons unique to themselves. Perhaps to put progress
on the calendar, it is useful. The silence you have just witnessed gives invitation
to the non verbal that you have not asked. In the case of the City appearance,
we smile at all the delights to be seen and experienced as this demonstration is
set before you.”

“As the current light waves move all into place so people can see what you have
been shown so far, it is magnificence as if heaven on earth has landed. And God
had said, ‘Let there be Light, and a City of Light to attest that indeed I exist, and I
as the Primal Source of all things visible and non-visible bring it all forth: the
biggest gift ever given any place.’ It is time this planet interacts with other cosmic

“Those seated here are from such communities, each bringing forth their Light
intelligence into the formation of what can be accomplished as this prototype City
of Light demonstrates on this planet.”

“Those who see, let them see those who are connected, due to the information
they have recorded as preconceived through this visioning you are sharing, and
many other ways unique to themselves as valid. All are connected as such;
same time line, same space station.”

“The attraction here is the healing facilities that can get the job done in a
compressed time awareness. All appearances are illusions of the mind, and thus
light illusions can heal what most do not understand, and they will, for here there
is no discrepancy, it just is! Much has been used and approved in many cosmic
universal universities that are not known of.”

“2010, 2011, 2012. This time has been predicted through high clear minds, and
many demented minds as well. Which do you choose? These higher forms
have given you what you have attested to through many visits here and many
more to be addressed. So, then, leave us and reenter into your world and testify
what is coming about, for indeed it is so!”

“Recognize what is happening here is that your contact with the cosmic
community is established and will be of good use because you will be invited to
enter and view this cosmic community. As has been said, welcome to your
future, welcome to journeys beyond space!”

And as he said this, all the entities stood up and sounded some unknown tone,
and with that La-Luke tapped me on the shoulder and I knew this session, with all
that had been said, was definitely very over.

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