Additional Connection from La-Luke

Additional Connection from La-Luke

OOO-LON: “This previous information just gives a hint of what it is about. It
would be like connecting heaven and earth into one where, warring factors
cannot co-exist with love being the linking force. When people are linked in light
they have no conflict, for within themselves this is not tolerated or experienced.
Love makes light apparent and as Atherian Light guide of the Genii has said

“You have the White House, we have the Embassy of Peace on the holy ground
of the City of Light. As changes now in process with the appointed leader who
basically is a peacemaker, this will eventually lead to the Embassy of Peace

“There is much more to be said as this only gives a hint of the power and
strength connected. Such changes that you have never seen before or imagined
are in process and this is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak in your

“What you all are dealing with here is the makeup of the new world being
prepared for you all to awaken to. Listen o Israel, for this is the monument in
evolution where the power of God light stirs up the masses to accept God’s will
for indeed this is the appointed time of receiving long since spoken of in time
related messages.”

“God will bless and be blessed, for Light now removes all darkness to show the
folly and ignorance contained within its borders of stress. Time is short.”
“So the Embassy of Peace Headquarters now revealed to the Genii, stands
within the City of Light as a beacon to all who would accept this as an omen of
what is to come about and . . . come about it will! Make no mistake about that!
Peace on earth? Oh my yes. . . beyond and faster than a speeding bullet can hit
its target.”

“So then continue to be open…report this and the previous visit to the Embassy
for more will be added as you are walked forward in vision and the knowing that
what you are about has no opposite and with this we leave you to your day that
now flows into place.”
So Light It Be!

GENII P.S. I just know that I am being set up to talk with world leaders on this
topic. There is no ego attached; better to be on my knees in honor as the power
coming through right now is awesome. Imagine that!

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