And It Came Upon A Midnight Clear!

And It Came Upon A Midnight Clear!
EMBASSY VISIT, October 5, 2010

In the expectation of going to a Mike Dooley seminar and meeting of the
universe, I happily find myself at the familiar gate towers along with many others.
La-Luke arrived and we set off to the Embassy which I now feel so comfortable
in, filled with universal entity friends of love and light. The usual trolley takes us to
the Embassy door and we sense that we are anticipated by those inside … and
we are.

The leaders at the table greet us just with their vibrations as OOO-LON extends
his hand which is almost non-existent to me, but I can feel the energy putting me
at ease and in serenity.

OOO-LON: “Once more we meet and exchange ideas to further your role of
expectancy. Where shall we begin?”

Genii: “Anticipating that an up-dated City manuscript is almost ready to be
printed, I wondered if there was anything more to be included from the Embassy
and those here present.”

OOO-LON: “The prospect that this issue brings people’s interests closer to
understanding of the messages given, we have a few words [or designs as we
call them] to be inserted from our combined thoughts of we who know of the
completion and vibration and entrance of this City and it’s healing properties.
Thus, you may say……..

“Upon the setting of a sun, and during the quiet of a night, there will be set
on your earth surface for sun-up visual-made-seeing, a God-made
invention of healing through many technologies that have not ever before
been known.”

“No one has to fly into outer space or land on another planet to see if life
really exists, or if you are the only planet with life on it. Forgive me, but this
is a ridiculous belief that you are the only place of honor and we smile with
anticipation of your knowing the real truth, and as soon as we come to

“So save some mental spaces to know and recognize all that has been
foretold, now appears, and your world will never be the same again as a
massive change is not only needed but desired by masses of earth

“The time has arrived for this Change of Consciousness and we believe
that this demonstration will do just that! Centuries upon centuries it has
taken to build, for a 3-dimensional seeing and using. Divine intervention
now fulfills that prophesy of a Master long since.”

“Too many separate themselves from the original creator of all. So then
now, pay attention to what was, and to what is now words of instruction
from universal beings [all in the unseen] to make this prophesy come to

“So then dear one, Genii of the Light Lamp with vibrations beyond the
normal, take these words, for they are vibrations of truth and with them set
into place ‘The COMING’ for it is indeed and people will cry ‘halleluiah!’
Time is non-assistant at this point but in your vernacular it is important.”
“So let it be known that we Universal Beings of Community Light, now
declare this to be so. Now the clock ticks faster. . .

So light it be!”

With this then, I sense that all those in the auditorium that I could only see faintly,
sounded the universal tone of AH that I share in the Sacred Teaching on Four
Keys to Light.

It almost blew me over and then the lights in this place went on and I could see
hundreds up hundreds all standing in various colors and designs. I am
speechless … so much so that La-Luke held me and we exited … and I now find
myself home at the bark of my pup ‘Light’. I am blessed.

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