Betwixt And Between Earth Growth!

Betwixt And Between Earth Growth!
EMBASSY VISIT April 20, 2009

The Gate opens as I appear into the scene. I had received an invitation to return.
My guide, La-Luke, also arrives at the same moment and beckons me to follow
him. The trolley arrives to take us to the Building of Light Entities who hold a
governing status previously seen where questions of the City and planet nature
are discussed with authority as its main component.

Seeing familiar buildings again puts me into the mental framework that this
production has more value than we could ever envision. The trolley stops at this
Governing Building and we enter where we then face a multitude of entities in an
amphitheater-type setting with many levels. As usual, the main unshaped table
was hosted by the same entities holding court I had spoken with before. They
now stood to greet me close up.

I was escorted to the throne-like chair. My guide stood beside me on my right.
The leading major domo stood in his long white robe that seemed to glisten in the
overhead daylight streaming in, while the others were seated. What an
interesting place this is, I thought, as he began to speak.

OOO-LON: “We welcome you back and have a message that you are to take to
your world. The patterns of change on your plant will continue for a bit yet, as the
darkness has penetrated deep into the energy fields of the earth, so-called. The
ground will heave up its matter as it maintains its process of loosing up or giving
up its depleting energy now in release of the old. This may cause some traumatic
movements as the earth breaths in the new in the release of the old.”

“This information is not to frighten you but to make you aware and balance what
is unbalanced, should it become apparent. You will know and be advised. The
way presents itself, and as soon as it does, use what you are given while staying
in an un-turmoil state of mind. Recognize that what is coming will take
precedence of what may be important to you….first things first.”

Genii: “You are speaking here of a vision I had some years ago of a major
California coastline quake?”

OOO-LON: “Precisely, but even in other areas. The planet is a boiling pot of
energy and predictions can become apparent at any time.”

Genii: “I have another question. Charles Betterton has been highly trained in
disaster areas procedures. Would this be a part of his journey?”

OOO-LON: “As said, ‘previously trained in this kind of trauma, he would be
called forth to assist in any area that has him so guided. Make each day a
glossary of good tidings and accept as such.”

“In the light of this place you are now visiting, come back as often as possible
and in-between keep up your strength and endure your outside world. As the
earth gives up its past history and thus brings forth the new, it has normal ways
of doing this, either in human form or by earth shudders. So then, be of light
cheer, for more is to be explored.”

And with that my guide nodded to me to rise, as the entities also did, and bowed,
and we were excused to leave the building. We took the waiting trolley to the
Gate as La-Luke smiled at me.

Then the whole scene disappeared as I find myself back in Sedona, thankful for
the opportunities afforded me to enter into the unseen to explain this to whoever
is tuned in.
So Light it be!

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