Community of Cosmic Dwellers

Community of Cosmic Dwellers

The Gate of Entrance structure loomed large and beautiful as I tapped into my
screen of vision. It is seen as an evening with stars shinning in the heavens like
crystal shards, but my real interest is to enter the Embassy and see what is up
there. This is my 21st visit there and now being summoned sounds very exciting.

My guide, La-Luke, hustled me into the City Park and then onto the waiting trolley
that whisked us to the Embassy of Peace in quick order. He said I was expected.
There seemed to be some movement as we entered and headed for the now
familiar head table and OOO-LON, the main speaker so far.

He stood alone and welcomed us with: “Welcome back to the Stellar Community
of Space Dwellers here to serve.” The amphitheatre-type building began to hum.
I looked around past him into what had been seen faintly before, and as it began
to get a bit lighter I could see hundreds of entities unfamiliar to me.

I tried to make out their appearances but I was only able see them faintly.
However, I just knew they were special because I could feel the love that was
sent to me from row after row after row. I could have floated away on that energy.
Now this is real, total love and I am the recipient. The knowingness made tears
flow down my face. Imagine that!

We need to let people know there is nothing to fear from ETs. They are and
have been helping us for God knows how long.

OOO-LON smiled as he announced, “These are community friends from cosmic
universities who have long since banned together with each of their kind in a
force field to bring forth the City of Light here and the salvation of your planet
which needs to band with those I have just spoken of sitting here in unison.”
With this I was speechless!

GENII: “I am so honored that I can hardly speak to be with such a vast intelligent
audience, as I always have had an interest in space deities. We humans may
see UFOs on occasion but this is something else. Wow!”

I am so excited I have to sit down in overwhelm.

OOO-LON: “As expected. As you are well aware, the universe is a hologram and
each one here is one with the center creator as you call God, but there is more to
this. Each one here is from spaces beyond spaces that are a part of the
hologram with the intent of expanding the light lines connecting a force field of a
universal power that brings your people peace, love and a healing facility never
before seen on this planet. Does this make any sense to you?”

GENII: “Yes, we all are connected to the one center of a universal holographic
center source, and being this, the cosmic community banded together with
intelligence energy forces so they and we could bring into view the City of Light
with healing technology of light probably not known here. Is this correct?”

OOO-LON: “There is much more advanced thinking, but this will do for the
moment. Now then, I would have you meet a friend from the banded community
of universal knowing, Sa-Daaa, who shares with you further.”

From the shadowy background an entity came into view. I guess it is a he. He
walked on two legs, had two arms, his wide hands had six fingers and his skin
was a light orange color with tiny bumps all over it. His face was not scary but
quite nice, with the head section being in sort of a triangle shape, no nose to
speak of, black eyes like the night sky, and a small indentation of a smile. I just
fell in love with him as he sent me such a groovy unusual feeling. Golly, a new
far-out friend. Imagine that. God is so good to me.

OOO-LON spoke for him: “This is Sa-Daaa, and he wishes you to know that the
work on the City has been completed and that his community declares that their
part is over and supplied with the Sa-Daaa technology that has been inserted.”

GENII: “What else am I to know?”

OOO-LON: “Prepare yourself and as many as possible because in the days
ahead the energy fields will pick up and the sensory indications of the planet will
change into one that is compatible with the City. All cosmic communities will now
enter into the final stages of this centuries-old project with frequencies beyond
what has been experienced before.”

“Time, as has been said, is short term and the immediacy as spoken of will begin
to be felt, but much more. Be aware of new instructions to come forth and move
with them as guided. Now, then, is there anything else? The stability of the
humans will alter the present conditions and be the way the planet itself will

GENII: “Yes. Where does Sa-Daaa come from?”

OOO-LON: “Many eons of space away and from a small planet, but he is
dedicated to see this one survive. It is called (but in a tonal language) Cervan-
Delka; the tones and the sounds of the universe. This one is not on your sky
maps but we will send you picture mental imprints periodically from him so you
can enjoy his home place.”

“Just be open to receive. All is well and in progress. So then know that indeed all
is well and we shall be in touch to move you forward into your world of

I gratefully bowed as I felt the energy lift in the building, making me feel a bit
weak as we moved outside. The air was fresh and the stars, as I looked up to
them, seemed to wink back at me.

And so ends another visit to the Embassy of Peace.
So Light It Be!

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