Conversation with A Commander of Space Light

Conversation with A Commander of Space Light
EMBASSY VISIT February 2, 2009

Q: “Is it appropriate this morning to reenter the Embassy of Peace?”

A: “In the prospect of reentering the Embassy, ‘Just do it…’”

As I envision myself again into this strange place, one would think I would be
getting used to this. However, each visit is a phenomenon in itself. What was
seen before was not even a room, as we know a room to be, but an empty space
with pictures floating in the air; beautiful to be sure, strange also. This time there
were no pictures floating anywhere. It was open at the top and the evening sky
held it all together as stars peeked in to say whatever stars would say if they
would say anything. Okay, moving on . . .

Again around this horseshoe-shaped table were faint entities, obviously leaders
of some sort. Then one stood up and I could see him pretty clearly. He wore a
white robe, gold belted. He was clean-shaven and appeared human-like, and
most of the others did too. This could be to allow me to adjust to new energies,
since I think they are from somewhere other than here.

“I am OOO-LON, Commander of the Space Light of your planet and keeper of
information for distribution.” His voice was stern. This, obviously, was a no
nonsense guy, which was okay with me as I am the new kid on the block and am
here to learn.

“I am not of your world but I am able to speak your language. As an earthling
you have been summoned here, since you are a designated spokesperson for
your planet and this healing edifice, so named the City of Light. Are you in

Genii: “What does that mean, Commander of the Space Light?”

OOO-LON: “As said, the ways of your world have had many incarnations of
Light in the time past and now it is different as we are Light within Light and our
frequencies blend as one to supersede any areas that need being revised, and
many do.”

Genii: “Excuse me, as I am trying to understand beyond my current
understanding as this is like a space video. I do sense much love with you all
and I am trying to make sure I am not just dreaming this up.”

OOO-LON: “Indeed you are not, for that would not be allowed and would do
nothing to perpetuate the process. Space teachers we are, and the galaxies will
benefit greatly from our contact. If agreed, we shall proceed.”

I nodded my head yes and he said, “Good then, we shall proceed.” The other
entities smiled and I began to lighten up and smiled back in gratitude of what is
being presented.

OOO-LON continued: “As an Assembly of Light Contactors, we have brought you
here as an assigned Ambassador of Planetary Happenings that are taking place
as light intensive embraces this planet into itself. We recognize this is all unusual
for you; however, you will adjust quickly.”

Genii: “I am open to that and the fascination of what I can be a part of in helping
this planet in its own growth and the purpose of this City and its healing powers.
How can I be of help? I am only one and many people have had far more spirit
trainings than I have.”

OOO-LON: “You think simply, almost child-like and not in an overload of
mechanical pre-programming. This makes it easier for you to digest what you
and we are about. What is being decreed on your planet for mandatory
intervention of assistance of releasing the make-up of those who consistently
stay in keeping the old and thus the turbulence continues, when we bring the way
of peaceful intervention.“

“What has been obtained by aggression is to be ended. To assist in treating,
more energy is bombarding this planet to raise the consciousness of those who
have long since been in this state looking for answers that take too long to find.
Many organizations work to achieve peace.”

“Peace at all costs is in process and will continue, as it affects everyone. But
even now, what has been currently imprinted is beginning to crack open what
has been closed even as we speak. Your process is just that, in process. Be not
concerned. We have chosen the right humanoid long before you entered this
lifetime. Many Lightworkers all over this planet are in agreement, and that in
itself is lifting the energy.”

Genii: “And what is it that this Council does?”

OOO-LON: “This is why you have been invited to come and sit with us who are
not of your planet, but part of a universal community sent to advise, guide into
what is well taking place. This City is to be announced just by being revealed to
the masses. That in itself will change the way people will look at this home base
and themselves, as it will seem like a domino effect.”

“This Peace Council recognizes that it has much work to do and in relatively a
short time, but just one link like yourself connecting with another and then they in
turn link others has much power attached. Peace will indeed be secured. There
are, as you know, many organizations and corporations that, when they get past
the greed of survival, will make an advanced leap of support and the frequencies
will move much faster.”

“The planetary progress of earth-grown produce must be advanced to survive.
The green house effect must be looked at as a top priority, for those in this arena
recognize this. Now the earth interior meets the sky exterior and you are
sandwiched in the middle. This will continue for a while yet, but be aware that
what is in change now will change the outer picture drastically, and this is all for
the good and healing here.”

“Many will leave, due to the intensity of the frequencies being felt. On the other
hand, many will rejoice that such a happening is in process, which is not
stoppable. We have been brought here to advise, guide and change the overall
picture to be what is livable within the confines of your energy fields and the
universe as well.”

“So then this is just an indication of ourselves. In speaking of this to others,
request questions and we will endeavor to answer them. Through love, God sent
us, as this universal community seated here is just a fraction of what help is

“Peace at all costs. The cost is but to activate the intelligence within each one to
extend a healing hand where you can. Key people could be set in certain
positions like north, south, east and west, where they are familiar with what is
taking place, and hold the energy there.”

“So then this is just the beginning. Think on these things and we shall endeavor
to precipitate something at our next meeting, and with that we bid you a ‘God’
day in every way.”

He bowed, as did the rest, and I nodded in agreement. And with that, the vision
ended and I found myself back in Sedona watching the sun awaken the red
rocks on a Monday morning.
So Light It Be!

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