Cosmic Communities and Such

Cosmic Communities and Such
EMBASSY VISIT, September 7, 2010

Arriving at the gate entrance, many people were seen excited to also enter.
Looking around for my City Guide La-Luke, I felt him grab my hand and like the
parting of the seas, he rushed me through the crowd to the wheel-less trolley and
in a flash we were in the Embassy of Peace. We were standing in front of the
four entities in robes, with OOO-LON standing in a greeting position. Entering
into this building is always exciting for the possibilities of such vast learning are
always available.

The welcome mat was out. With OOO-LON’s hand extended, I am very
comfortable. What a dear soul he is … I’ve never found anything other. And if all
E.T.’s are like this, there is nothing to worry about; actually quite the contrary. It
is a vast community that spreads across the heavens of which we are a part …
thank goodness.

OOO-LON: “Welcome Oh Lady of Light who walks the earth with great news of
the coming attraction. How may we serve you?”

Genii: “I am so happy to be back at this time. I do have some questions.”

OOO-LON: “Serve us, so we can serve you.”

Genii: “Close friends are seeking to build local communities before the City
arrives. What can be said of the Universal Cosmic Communities that would be of
support with advanced Cosmic guidance to be incorporated into what would be
best for the Earth dwellers?”

(There was a big sigh heard from the almost invisible audience of Extra
Intelligence behind these leaders.)

OOO-LON: “Yes…the time has arrived that this question is not out of order.
People banding together make progress as long as ‘LOVE’ is the leader and we
find patches of it even through this changeover your planet is experiencing. On
one place we see man killing man and on the opposite we see man loving man.
Which is best?”

“Those of us who are from far off Space Places with unknown names do not fight
like what is presented in the moving pictures such as the Star Wars series. It just
is not encouraged, nor even thought of. We are not programmed as such. This is
barbaric as ignorance tries to become Light by killing off what it would be.
Strange thinking!”

“From one Star Community to another peace reigns supreme. It is recognized
again that only the frequency of ‘LOVE’ equals the power. Did not the Jedi
master Yoda recommend LOVE to be the answer? Indeed, to advance and visit
one Star Cluster to another, war is not even a slight consideration much less
conquest or over-taking another. It just does not happen.”

“Do you not call the upper level thinking Heaven? Now we…. bring you Heaven
on Earth!”

“So then, where is the LOVE in building a Cosmic Community on the Earth
plane? It is much needed and in line to gather those who respond to love (there
is a feeling that one is of that persuasion.) You say you want peace … you say
you want love … you say you want oneness. What are the people
demonstrating? Your planet is a Community but unlike the Cosmic Sense it is
divided into pieces and parts as each person may not honor another.”

“You all call yourselves the United States. Excuse us but what is united here?
Where are the means of compassion in the division of what we see?”
“Those in your close realm of friends seek to hold a piece of ground here and
there as a Light Center of LOVE that can attract others to also be light carriers.
A community can indeed do this when under the banner LOVE. Dear ones THIS

“So then to have guidance from this vast Cosmic Community (as sits behind us
in this building of light), one must begin with LOVE. When a few are gathered in
God’s love, it then has drawing power to bring forth anything that is needed to
secure land etc. for the desired community contact.”

“Open with advanced LOVE and permit God to fill in the connections with the
same frequencies of LOVE. From this, come the divine ideas and advanced
technology as used in the City. All this is cosmic heart light center equivalent.
Have we given you any ideas of starting?”

Genii: “Yes, love is all that opens the doors of any community.”

OOO-LON: “Yes this is true … simply explained in the Energy Fields of Attraction.
Any more questions?”

Genii: “Yes. In another area, my friend Renee Trenda and I have just come back
from a trip to the President Carter Center to deliver the gift of the re-creation of a
miniature marionette to him, and the manuscript of the City of light. What are the
next steps?”

OOO-LON: “Patience in waiting for a response will pay off as you say. The
President will become an interested reader. Wait upon the Lord, so to speak.”

Genii: “Anything else?”

OOO-LON: “Just remember to LOVE and all will be well and the advanced City
reports of progress will become nearer than your breath.”

“Begin your ‘Cosmic Community Center’ and see what is drawn in. Use the
Advanced Achievement Academy site. Go and light the path before you all.
Gather, connect, process data, and thus fulfill prophecies long since declared.”

“God lights the path before you all. We now release you to re-enter your home
and begin your day with recording this report and entrance into the new City of
Light Book with the Charles understanding the method of entrance for printing.
You must have printed copies on hand to help support the Light Center of God
thus communicating with many communities.”

With this, he bowed as a hum ran through the background audience and I feel
such love and not of earth-kind but so much deeper. We left the Embassy and I
find myself home with my puppy looking for a hug… Hey…it’s all about LOVE,

Thanks God, this was God Good!
So Light it be…

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