Cosmic Dream Makers!

Cosmic Dream Makers!

As the entrance gate loomed large and beautiful before me in the sunlight, I have
such a happy feeling that I almost run through it to get to the Park of Relaxation
just beyond. It feels like spring time that bubbles up within me and I am happy to
be here.

Into the park, I head for one of the massage benches located hither and yon. Oh
my God this is sooo good! Looking around, my constant City Guide La-Luke
settles beside me and I feel completed, honored and slightly wonder what is

“Embassy visit?” asks La-Luke. I smile as this is now, a favorite location and a
place to see entities from various planetary locations. “Sure, let’s go” I hear
myself saying and smiling. Then we could hear the trolley slide up and we
hopped aboard eager to get going. A short ride and here comes the Embassy
and we unload at the huge doorway filled with flowered vines that smell delicious.

Inside, past the flowering foyer, the amphitheater had a hum-like sound as
though many unknown languages were being spoken that came from
many faintly-seen figures that filled the background. With the usual extra
entities beside him, the head honcho OOO-LON stood, and from his sleeved
robe held out his hand in welcome which was a first for me. It was usually just a
bow. Ah, progress being made. I gladly took the offering which left me tingling
from head to foot and then returned to my usual seat of some kind of honor.

OOO-LON spoke: “And what would be the purpose of your visit?”

Genii: “I am not sure; to learn more I suspect. What can you share with me that
would be important to the world I am to share with?”

OOO-LON: “In the making of your new world, you know of the blessings to come
forth as God empties the dark energies and as they rise to the surface to be
acknowledged and then dissipated. In the wake of what is being done, we can
tell you all is on course so, set you mind at ease. The past interest of the horror
of the world’s demise is looked upon as the totality of the apocalypse written so
long ago. Not so.”

“People read into that as all is lost and the end is near. Such nonsense. Why
would God destroy what is a beautiful companion of its design to others in this
holographic universe? Only ignorance stays in fear and actually thinking it is
correct. We shake our heads in unbelief and in your words say ‘this is dumb
thinking’ when taking the thinking of something holy and beautiful and healing is
the total result. Please.”

“So if the world empties itself of fear and ignorance what could be better?
Darkness wants to stay that way and as the Light of the One penetrates this
ignorance, it squirms in its losing power.”

“Those who embody the cosmic areas of love penetration beget more of the
same. That is the change and the END result. The building of the new earth, is a
project of the Cosmic Dream Makers every one, and billions with them say ‘YES
THIS IS CORRECT!’ You of planet Earth shall be a neighbor we are proud to
sail through the universe with!”

“The cosmology of the planets and sub planets to bring forth the new birth of this
planet that ignorance has almost destroyed, says that this planet and mother
nature has decreed it will survive at all costs!”

“Ignorance and darkness of various kinds have held the reigns for far too long.
The end is in sight for it no longer has a comfortable place to fester and cannot
stand under the God Light now penetrating and rightly so. In meetings we have
here, we share with you that the City of Love has given notice of its coming
advancement and so it is!”

I tried to give some kind of remark or acknowledgement but the power I feel in
this place keeps me in awe. I guess I would not care to be darkness of any kind.

OOO-LON continued: “Rest in the play of light and tolerate the darkness for yet
awhile for, it is important for notification of the City and the uplifting value of those
words you will speak. And so we rest this meeting.”

In desiring to learn from the entities here of their origin, I sensed it could be
arranged and we left the building and headed for the meeting Gate. I thanked my
guide and even got a cosmic hug back…groovy! How blessed am I to be able to
do, see and feel what is coming into form. And with that, I find myself back in
Sedona on a sunny clear day knowing what I know for sure and this ends this
Embassy visit.

Thanks God! It was a de-light!
So Light it be!

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