From Time to Time

From Time to Time

Being able to envision the most awesomely beautiful where the technology is
superb beyond our knowing now and the healings complete, is a gift that only
God could imagine. This is the revelation that is at hand. Imagine that!

Resting in this awareness, I find myself back at the now familiar gate of entrance
into the abode God has brought forth, at least at this point in my inner vision.
High above me I look at this gold-encoded design circling the open horseshoe
shape open entrance and I wonder at the magic of it all; untested in our world to
be sure, but surly magical in the intent of a healing place long past due.

Lightworkers have had visions of what is to come about and have tagged 2012
as some kind of appointment, like expecting the Christ or Buddha or whomever
to come into view. Hey … with God all things are possible, right?

That brings me to my question: Why me? A high school drop-out who could only
utter a few words due to stuttering. Maybe Moses said the same thing as he was
told to talk to the Pharaoh and he stuttered, it is reported. I know the feeling!
Here I stand on holy ground looking at the gateway of advanced progress that I
am to talk about to others. Who would have thought? Not me. This is so far
from my imagination that …oops… I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn to see
my City Guide La-Luke smiling at me and moving me through the archway

“Where are we going? ” I inquired, still in the mental magic of it all.

LA-LUKE: “To the Embassy of Peace!” And with that the wheel-less trolley
pulled up and we climbed aboard. It took no time before we were unloaded at this
Temple of Light. We entered to find this amphitheater filled to overflowing with
entities from cosmic locations of some place. The scene repeated itself as I was
ushered to the seat of visitors as a seat of honor.

OOO-LON: “Welcome to the next step of your advancement. How may we serve

GENII: “I am looking for answers to questions I do not even know to ask. Does
this make any sense?”

OOO-LON smiled slightly. “Questions of the City Intent have been explored and
‘timing’ of this event seems to be on your mind. Is this so?”

GENII: “People are looking to 2012 as a date of something to take place, but
most are not sure of what it is. Can you tell me what is to take place that has far
reaching effects before that calendar date 2012? We are almost there.”
A hum ran through the almost invisible audience.

OOO-LON: “The world of the planet has yet a bit of time for the change, due to
the light waves washing the outer and inner interiors, much like washing a
window so you can see clearer. Layer after layer of darkness is being removed
not only from each person but the naturalness of the planet itself, as the new
course is set into place.”

“I am sure you are aware of the centuries of wars that have contributed from
the darkness of the minds corrupt in ego fears to these layers being cemented.
The minds of the people of all races need to be lifted by these changes, and now
quickly, as the energies push out the old and in with the new.”

“You can expect this to continue, and by the end of 2010 much of this will be a
whole course of action and accepted by many. The topsy turvey roller coaster
example is in full force now, making people misjudge due to their own discomfort,
but they will continue never-the less, as people must confront their own
insecurities. In doing so they lash out at others as a mirrored effect instead of
what you call ‘going with the flow.’ All this drama of release attracts the earth
changes as well.”

“Hurricanes, tornados and quakes, which are all energy induced with these
cleansing techniques, can be seen as possibly traumatic. People have to handle
this as weather changes as well. The old ways of doing things that impeach
others not at the highest will find no place in your society. Love and honor will
replace greed and personal salvation for themselves only will take a back seat of
resolution declaring ‘no more!’”

“The Light attends all who love and will dramatically affect these encounters. The
unseen visionaries who work in the unseen higher realms forge health and
happiness for all. The wars of greed will fall away, for all will be established as a

“First the first…cleansing at all costs! Those who are in the government
themselves are in their own process to lead through the next two years of the
date you have been speaking of, but remember what you call time as a no thing
is collapsing and 2012 may well be 2010. This was said to you earlier, that
they were not considering time collapsing when these dates were given so long
ago in ancient times.”

“So then what are you to do in the meantime?
1. Listen for guidance every step.
2. Stay in the openness of what may be shown and said.
3. Watch for the unsettlement which will continue more of the same
for awhile yet.
4. Do not get caught up in it, even with those you love.
5. Your course is set! Stay there.
6. Watch your interests change as you move forward.

“Any more unknown questions?”

GENII: “My senses tell me to just embody what you have said as a confirmation.
More about the ‘new course’ would be helpful.”

OOO-LON: “Now that we have laid the ground work, be open to the new course
and ideas to be implanted. As the new imagination shifts, implants of the new
will be accepted as such. Add the new chapters to the book so all is kept in
chronological order. This will be important as the questions come forth and you
have a solid reply!”

La-Luke tapped me on the shoulder and I recognized my no-time session was
up. I bowed to these leaders of leaders and turned to leave, at which time a hum
again was heard somewhere in the audience. I bowed a thank you to the
audience and my teachers in front of me. What an adventure I have tuned into. I
realize that this is not my last visit, and I am so blessed.

Then it was back to the trolley, gate, and thanking La-Luke as I prepared to be
home again in Sedona, Arizona to reread what I have written, because at this
point I have not much of a memory of it.
So Light It Be

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