Going the Distance

Going the Distance
EMBASSY VISIT, February 4, 2010

I entered into a quiet meditative state of consciousness. I also entered into the
familiar south Gate of the City of Light, which shone bright and as clear as a
crystal; a magnificent place to be sure. A rush of energy swirled around me and I
knew that my Guide La-Luke had arrived. Did he ever! He grabbed my hand and
whizzed me thru my favorite park with no stops on massage benches, and
almost immediately I was ushered into the City Embassy of Peace Headquarters.
What, no trolley ride? Things move fast here!

Immediately as we entered the Embassy all seems to be urgent. Maybe it was
due to the constant light power surges I have been experiencing lately that has
been said is a lifting of my light body frequencies. Okay, whatever.
The main leaders were in attendance, but there was also a new Entity there that
stood up when they did, and I was moved to also stand in front of them. The
energy level went up … wow! This entity was almost transparent “it” was so light,
or something.

OOO-LON welcomed me and said that this comrade was from a Cosmic
Community far distant. Wow, this is getting interesting, and I don’t even have to
have a passport into space because they come here. Imagine that!

OOO-LON said: “He speaks not your language but that I would speak, for he
brings a message of good tidings.”

And with this, the frequencies around this Entity began to shift. Even his robe
took on an unusual aura of soft color changes.

I thought, “This is beginning to be some kind of experience. Beginning? Maybe I
am getting a cosmic consciousness?”

OOO-LON smiled as he read my thoughts. “Indeed”, was his reply!

OOO-LON (speaking for the Entity): “I come from a place of far off distance
many areas from this planet. I come to tell you, as a speaker of this place of
healing, that destiny has arrived.” (Here I got emotional with real tears).
“We are diminishing distance to bring forth this place yet unseen but destined.
Your place in the whole of this is well established within the Community of
Cosmic Dwellers. You have noticed that you are in the physical what you have
been told are Light Power Surges within your light body. Is this true?”

I nodded yes.

OOO-LON continued speaking for this entity. They were sure connected, and
even OOO-LON looked bit brighter. “You are being raised into an altered state of
being and your connection to the Cosmic Community is well known.”

GENII: “Who me?”

Through OOO-LON: “This is not to frighten you; in fact, it would be called, in
your vernacular, a blessing. From this point forward, you can expect to enter into
one of the cosmic-type interests as a Linking Consultant connecting of suffering
people who would be welcomed into the City of Light Healing. Distance has
collapsed and the City beckons the Genii to return for cosmic commands of
events to take place on your planet, and you will be advised.”

My feeling was agreeable but strange with all this, which could be overpowering
if I permitted it to be. OOO-LON picked up my thoughts. A calmness fell over me
that was quite pleasant, and I felt that I could go the distance somehow. To
imagine that I have been presented with a Universal Community looking to have
me do something is a long way from a stuttering high school dropout in Chicago,
Illinois. I tool a deep breath as OOO-LON continued his friend’s words.
Through OOO-LON: “The way of light has targeted areas of clean-up that are set
in motion, and it has already begun. Consciousness is to be raised in many

“It is important that you return here for guidance and introduction to yet more
Entities of various cosmic communities not yet known.” I was beginning to feel
like an astronaut at ground level.

OOO-LON: “This is the message. ‘Be aware. Be a person of courage, truth and
honor. What you have been given indeed is factual evidence of the coming.
Many will hear what others do not, due to its unusual strangeness, but necessary

With that, the Cosmic Entity sat down and OOO-LON nodded to me and asked if
I knew what was taking place.

I did have a question. “I have recently met a man, Stephen Every, who I took
through advanced teachings, that said seriously he feels he is a Space Ship
Commander. What is to be known of this?”

OOO-LON: “Could this be so? Of course. This man has been led to you to learn
of future City work he will do due to his training in advanced technology beyond
this planet. Remember, you are excelling into the World of Universal contacts
and anything is possible, even meeting a Space Vehicle Commander. Have we
now taken your question to the world of answers?”

GENII: “Yes, way beyond what I could have ever imagined way back when this
all started with Dr. Bill. Thank you. And learning of the Power Surges gives me
an indication of elevation and a bit of sense in what I hear.”

OOO-LON nodded as we left this cosmic chamber of light. And so I will go the
distance, even if there is no distance to go. Imagine that!

Then the scene disappeared and I was back in Sedona looking at the sky with
new eyes as I try to comprehend all this. It really is getting off the charts, unless
they are heavenly charts that will guide our earth’s course, and surely they are.
So Light It Be.

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