In the Wonder of It All . . .God Is!

In the Wonder of It All . . .God Is!
EMBASSY VISIT Saturday Feb 19, 2011

As I enter the scene at a gate of entry, crowds of people are also making their
way through it to enjoy what will be an amazing unusual time within the City
borders. A hand seen raised above the crowds signals that my City Guide La-
Luke is ready to take us into the Embassy of Peace Headquarters via the
wheeless trolley.

Upon arrival as we enter, there is a definite audience hum of space conversation
reaching our senses. As always, entering this building with the sanctuary of
space beings, is always a treat for this lucky lady, and just to be a part of it all is
quite an honor. I cannot even imagine what they will teach me, but I am certainly
open to learn.

Imagine being in an auditorium with hundreds of friends from many distant
locations all sending you love at the same time… Wow! It makes me feel a bit
shaky and heart inspired to be a friend that they also enjoy in human attire, and
this is even more fun since I decided to be a Jedi with extended love and power
attached (plus a lightsaber to play with as light).

Master Yoda’s teachings fit in here very well. So standing in front of these five
up-close-and-personal entities one could only be great-filled, and I greeted them
with an extended bow!

Ooo-lon: “Time for another session is it?”

Genii: “Yes, thank you… a question of the City progress comes to mind, as next
week I have a City meeting and any updated information would be of value.”

Ooo-lon: “Much progress has been entered into as the City nears. Those of us
assembled here have valued the progress as we attune in to your world of
energy fields that have been set in place for the readiness of its revelation. Your
dimension would be seen, as you have noted, as dense or thick and it needs to
be, for the prophecy to be seen and entered into.”

“You have been shown that the time warp signals the closeness of the entry.
People not knowing of such ways will not have a clue of how this City could be
entered into, but they will as time goes on and they get used to the new ways of
space technology. Are you following this analogy?”

Genii: “Yes, my interest at this point is what takes place after the City makes its
debut? The reaction of people will be quite interesting.”

Ooo-lon: “As said, expect a shock wave to spread around the planet for a split
second, where the Light of the City can enter minds and fill the place now empty,
thus taking people’s minds off their daily worries and concerns, no matter what
the individual problems would be. The war factor will have men and women
standing in such an awareness that to shoot anyone would be not tolerable, as
love for one another has taken its place.”

“For the Creator of the City and life itself, Call it God, Buddha, Christ or whatever
has entered the picture, and due to The City’s effects on each one (which of
course will vary) nothing will be as it was before. For the Creator has done the
impossible in this breathtaking astonishing demonstration.”

“Those who are on their knees in praise will connect. Those left will give a
standing ovation of utter amazement with the feelings of peace that will quickly
sweep around the globe. Have you not asked, what if everyone on the planet felt
love all at the same time? This dear one, millions upon millions will experience.
Imagine that! as you say quite often.”

“Time as you know it will stop as the WORD (as in your 4 Keys of Light sessions)
spreads quickly. People may become briefly confused, especially in countries not
seeing the City itself in their land location. They may experience it as a heavenly
sight in the sky … as a vision of something new.”

“The master Jesus will have many giving him adoration as with the other leaders
as well. Likewise, those mentors on higher levels who are adored guides, will be
revered as the humans connects with what they feel is their Holy Leader. For
nothing less could be mentally evaluated to bring this forth. Indeed this is the
greatest show on earth!! It will take a while of sorting out what has taken place,
so ‘business as usual’ will be a thing of the past for a bit, as dramatic changes,
change their way of thinking.”

“Then will come the celebrations of various degrees as people feel the power and
love connected to this unbelievable manifestation of light as it bombards your
planet, lighting up the sky and signaling others in the universe that indeed the
mission has been accomplished and they too will celebrate in your honor of earth
energy accepted.”

“The human imagination can only go so far, so this event will enlighten and
advance many as they go back to the so called drawing boards … of thinking new
inventive thoughts of success with love the center of it all. For thoughts will only
want love to be the leader of whatever they envision through this advancing
wisdom from the universe, and the friends they are yet to meet.”

“Those into Extraterrestrials will have a field day as the Cosmic Universe has
made contact with friends where no man has gone before, as has been
advertised. The Universe holds technology to be shared, and no one has to blast
off into outer space for, outer space has come to your planet with hands and love
extended in healings blessed by the creator. It will be all your yearly celebrations
in one.”

“Those with demented minds will leave, for they cannot withstand this energy
power and pursue the darkness any longer, for indeed the City is too powerful a
demonstration for them. Those of light who have worked in believing the highest,
will shout Halleluiah! Blessed be for God has spoken and is here and now!”
And with this a roar of applause came from the entities in the back of the
auditorium. Is love the answer? OH YES!

Ooo-lon: “Are you at one with this?”

Genii: “Oh yes, a bit overwhelmed but yes.”

Ooo-lon: “More questions?”

Genii: “No thank you. I have none at this moment.”

Ooo-lon: “In your world this is truth and you depend on the unseen time to
produce what has just been said. Has time so called speeded up? Of course as
you are well aware. Use it wisely lest it run out.” and with this a smile of fun
entered his face.

Genii: “Thank you all for being the best friends this planet has ever seen,”
We then departed where a hug at the gate with my guide found me back home
watching the clouds dance around the red rocks of Sedona Az.

So Light it Be!
With all my Love, Light and Appreciation,
The Genii

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