Of the President, Genii’s Talents and Advancement

Of the President, Genii’s Talents and Advancement
EMBASSY VISIT March 6, 2009

The vision scene opens as I ascend into it and arrive at the Gate of Welcome. It
feels good to be back. Now where, I wondered. My guide La-Luke meets me and
ushers me through the park of relaxation and onto the waiting floating trolley I
have ridden on before.

GENII: “Where to?” I ask.

LA-LUKE: “We again enter the Embassy of Peace.” The honor of being there
brings forth to me respectfully more information and guidance. “They want to
speak to you to further your course.”

By the time this all was said, we had arrived at this magnificent building and I
was ushered into this room filled with entities, and even the balcony appeared
filled. It was much like an amphitheatre.

GENII: “My! Something must be important to bring forth such an audience,” I
whispered to my guide. He just smiled and nodded.

This room appeared much larger than before, and that was a surprise, but the
horseshoe table with the leaders was the same. I curtsied and took a deep
breath and La-Luke ushered me to the throne-like seat. Facing this vast
audience was a thrill in itself.

The leader, OOO-LON, once again stood and a hush fell over everyone as if God
itself was about to speak.

OOO-LON: “We welcome you back to our Sanctuary of Light. This, your return
visit, has deep significance because the process of cleansing your planet has
taken several steps forward through the inner directions given to the President of
the name tone Obama.”

“The flurry of dissention is only due to each one’s personal memory, thus bringing
forth the discomfort being experienced. Nevertheless the cleansing will continue,
for each person must wash out in their own way, and that is what makes for the
discomfort. Changes in frequencies is the key reason that moved heaven and
earth into the process of moving heaven (so called) to earth.”

“This tone has been sounded for centuries. The path of blame has always been
put on God instead of where it belonged, or for the love of Allah one man kills
another with no respect nor even knowing of that person. War will end!!!! Thus

Allah has decreed and peace remembered is all that will remain, as the pairs of
opposites balance out, equal not in opposition but in love and caring. Harm is not
the answer, love is! Make a note of this.”

“What has been remarkable is that as more light enters and stirs up the pot,
changing the old ways, we see love and caring for each other begin to take place
as it should. This, then, gives our process a pathway of expression and correct

“We here as Light Leaders in contact with other various planetary entities or
groups make the light contact even here on your earth. This is intentional and will
proceed to the finish, for as been said, THIS PLANET WILL BE HEALED!”

By this time I was certainly tuned in and turned on as I suspect these entities are
visitors from outside our earth system. The power in that place is beyond
awesome. There was total control…total!

OOO-LON: “With the support of those unseen in your dimensional world we have
the continuing power to implant and sanctify what is being said and done. Today
the main message is to share your given wisdom plus your varied talents as well
as your love, thus leaving each person with a change for good in their own light.
You have been chosen to move as much as possible into your world.”

“Based on all of the above, the City Lights are magnified, so to speak, for your
attention and acceptance. The Holiness of this awesome project cannot be
emphasized enough and it bears witness to what is to come about . . . and

“All the inner areas of process setting these healing facilities are in place, each
one an entity within itself, thus energizing to reach out past dimension separation
to draw to itself what it intends to accomplish in the near future.”

“You have been given pages of writing describing what is unseen to the eyes of
others. This is true, so you can carry in your heart and light body systems both a
complete feeling and complete sight. This is purposely administered to you as an
earth emissary of truth speaking, and will continue as you are moved from place
to place and people to people to be contacted when and where advised. This
City of Light demonstrates what God has decreed to be the fact and not fiction,
and rightly so.”

“The path before you periodically will lead you into new avenues and you can
expect to have your name be very well known as the interest becomes
fascinating to others. Make a mental note of this now, for the closeness of the
demonstration appears on the horizon like the sun coming up over the red rocks
that you love. Even the rocks have held power, along with the working vortexes
that you are quite aware of.”

“Your work in progress leaves you little time to influence the world at this time, as
has been said of the President of the tone name of Obama connection, and how
to be present in his presence has been outlined. The White House is by our
estimation now called the Light House, and what does a Light House do for sea
fearing travelers but be a beacon of comfort?”

I blinked and tried to think of something to say but a mental blank was what came
up at this point.

GENII: “Well, what are my next closest steps advised?”

OOO-LON: “Be open to any opportunity that is advised. Make the days be filled
with thoughts of the process of bringing forth The City. Head for the children and
the women. Remember your talents where they would be appreciated with
service given. Most of all, give love and a smile that could be worth a million to
one who needs a smile at that moment.”

“So now explore your new thoughts as they are introduced, and play in God’s
world, for it is your Playground of Progress just because you declared it to be so.”
So Light It Be!

With that the scene ended and with no trolley I was just transported back to
Sedona in thought.

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