Of Upheaval and Staying Balanced

Of Upheaval and Staying Balanced
EMBASSY VISIT, September 11, 2009

The gate entrance was wide open as I entered the scene screen. La-Luke spread
his arms open and grabbed my hand as we almost ran thru the park and on to
the trolley which usually takes us to the Embassy of Peace Headquarters, and
this time was no exception.

This short ride stopped at the Embassy entrance and we moved into this building
of Light Entities. Total silence greeted us; not even a breath was heard from the
hundreds of entitles who also filled this amphitheatre.

Nodding I smiled as I crossed in front of several governing leaders to my usual
seating place. A nodding welcome was returned.

OOO-LON: “You have been quietly summoned here this morning for reasons of
advancement. So we speak from a light heart.”

“The world of human affairs lifts its angry head in protest of changes in process
that now do not fit with the past old patterns. The change of energies plays havoc
to many who are unaware of what is underlying this process, if indeed they know
that a process is in process.”

“It is important that you in particular know and recognize the value of what is
taking place. For the most part you have been well informed, as you meet every
challenge put to you in your own personal change-over.”

“We are aware of the swiftness of each emotion that hits without warning on a
continual basis. This restructure of your systems is important as you lead
yourself to be much more than you have been in any lifetime. All this was to bring
you to this point, this time, this moment, this century in history which coincides
with the City appearance, for the intelligence energy patterns residing in your
light body aura may speak to the masses of what is taking place.”

“When you speak even now, one or more Intelligences may roar out the
message of love to be sure, but direction to what is coming about is fact not
fiction, and you feel the power within.”

“Your system can shift many times in a period of one day. This you have felt from
the highest touch of God to the lowest of being nothing.”

“To stay in harmony it is important to have short periods of rest because the
chemical make-up of your system is adjusting its alchemy patterns and the swing
is not so harsh. So then what can be added?”

GENII: “Speak, please, of this country’s governing forces and how I should look
at this chaotic upheaval, the President and the City of Light appearance.”

OOO-LON: “The determination that this country is for the people and one with
God is primary, and nothing less will be tolerated. The Obama leader stands as a
pillar of light that can withstand the harshness of the place he leads, and indeed
all will be well and he and his family are well protected from the onslaught of
viciousness of darkened minds who would themselves be in control.”

“Adjustments are in process, so be it known that that the City of Light, in its place
of being unseen at the moment, is waiting its appearance. Your place and those
who also walk this path close to you are affected and admonished to keep the
God intent as energies of honor. Stay the course, be the light and you all will
make daylight out of darkness. We send you forth to release what is to be ‘no

“The message you received to be able to see the City through human daily eyes
in the physical will come as a see-thru advantage point and the validation therein.
Stay on course as both you and the sister of lives past Kathie are predestined to
attend the appearance.”

“The Charles has his work cut out in blueprint for him in areas yet attracted but
escalating him as Ambassador of World Green. So then this all being said, as
you travel together to various places your Light intensive breaks forth any
concerns anyone might have as he works to fulfill his destiny which, of course,
connects to the City appearance.”

“So then what say you?”

GENII: “My request is assistance to keep me balanced in the City Light, that my
body keeps in its healthiness and my mind tuned into the frequencies of the City.”

OOO-LON: “It is so advised! Now take yourself back to the physical and assist in
cheer, love and peace and return as requested.”

With that he stood and bowed as we left, heading back to the Gate. The scene
vanished and I am back in Sedona to take care of my puppy that needed

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  1. I am a Canadian observer and Spirit explorer. I seek all evidence of evolution of Earth humans and their potential for Ascension. Since my recent launching, I am still learning. Your site is helpful in the relating of higher dimensional experiences. Encountering your City of Light and its Spirit/Angelic/ET representatives clarifies the identity of my contacts. I will continue to follow your experiences and your reports.
    Bill G.***+

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