Of War and Peace

Of War and Peace
Embassy of Peace Headquarters, January 22, 2009

Arriving at the City Gate, no one was seen. In fact, dark skies were apparent.
The City was lit up like New Year’s Eve. All my previous visits were in daylight.
This was the first at night, and what an awesome light sight it is.

To see this location from space must be quite a sight to behold, as it made
daylight seem obsolete in this City of Light. So once again I get to enter and
learn more. Quickly, as I glance around, my guide La-Luke appears, and taking
my hand, we enter into this vastness of this healing facility.

“Where to now?” I wondered. As quickly as I thought this, a moving trolley came
up. If there was a driver there, one was not seen. We got on board and it began
its journey, riding through spacious gardens and parks. There was just a glimpse
here and there of buildings and we just rode for a bit. I was puzzled because this
vehicle seemed to skim over the ground where no wheels or tracks were
observed. There was just a free flow.

After stopping in front of another building dressed in white light, we entered.
Inside were absolutely beautiful gardens with even a waterfall to enjoy, amidst
this type of foliage.

“Where are we?” I asked, ready for anything to be reported.

LA-LUKE: “This is a building of human atrocities.”

GENII: “What is that?” I wondered.

LA-LUKE answered, “That means peace is to be brought forth. The wars of
mankind have long since been active. Here the ways of such are abolished in
the minds and instead is embedded that no such thought is possible.”

“Those who have been in war-like mindsets no longer will feel the anger and fear
that brought it on in the first place. Man against man, brother against brother, no
more! No more! The upper levels of this building are the remedy places where
the energy fields of such thoughts are abolished, whether people are in here or

“It is a center location in the City to send forth such a magnetic field that
eliminates any indication of war-like atrocities. This no longer will be tolerated.
Nation against nation is abolished. Armies of protection are no longer needed,
as peace is the only protection desired.”

GENII: “You mean peace on earth can be obtained from this place? How is that

We entered the building as before, finding ourselves again in front of the
counselors, peace entities, where my question was answered.

OOO-LON: “By changing the frequencies from war-like intrusions to peace and
love, which of course in your world has not been known to any major extent. The
human cry of ‘peace on earth’ has sounded its tone throughout history. From
this place, like other cities in the blueprint, this loving existence fulfills that
prophecy through leveling of love instead of hatred and war.”

“Anyone who enters here is cleansed of all that from the DNA mental equivalent
to only know peace and love. They then, of course, take that into the world. As
time enters, countries will only know and experience loving gratitude to be what
they are in truth and see all others the same way, as one family unites with
others as one.”

GENII: “That is wonderful.”

OOO-LON: “Anger and hatred are abolished totally, for each now is in the totality
of peace within themselves. Children will learn of love, instead of the opposite.
Sharing is fun instead of competition. Even in the competition, it is for the fun of
the game and everyone wins.”

“Recognizing this is a vast way of looking at a new beginning; nevertheless it is
possible. So then, how feel you in this place?”

GENII: “Calm, centered and appreciative and filled up with love, yet amazingly
my emotions are like this is normal.”

OOO-LON: ”Good, then. We have completed the vision trip for this time.”

We exited this beautiful garden-type place where peace does reign supreme.
We climb back on the wheel-less trolley and head for the gate. I wondered what
the electric bill would be for the City of Light, but then it doesn’t matter, for God
has it well in hand, and a peaceful hand at that.

I say thanks to my Guide, he disappears and I am back in my warm cozy bed, a
bit better off from having this strange experience of what is to come about.
Thanks, God. This is really a mind stretcher to be sure!
So Light It Be.

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