On The Road Again

On The Road Again
EMBASSY VISIT, December 1, 2009

The Gate of Entrance again appears as I enter into the vision unprepared for
what to expect. The smile of La-Luke reminds me that this will be a special
time and that we are headed for the Embassy. The wheel-less trolley pulls up as
we exit the Park of Relaxation.

Entering this magnificent building filled with entities from all over the universe is a
sight in itself to behold. Passing the head table with the five VIPs I bow and I
take my usual place.

OOO-LON: “You have returned with questions on behalf of your planet?” I hear a
familiar voice request.

GENII: “Yes. Well, sort of”, I reply hesitantly. “I have been told that I will begin to
see this City imprint. Is this correct?”

OOO-LON: “As said. This form of energy patterns is being fortified to be of
service to you as others begin to sense there is something of evidence to their
senses deeper than they may know. This, then, you will be able to verify as
time releases its connection and the projected Major Shift takes hold. The days
ahead will be exciting, yet in an unbalanced state as you are now experiencing.”
GENII: “And what is my job in all this?”

OOO-LON: “The declaration of such an event of this magnitude will take you on
trips of explanation. Ready all your data and be alert to new additions. Set your
house in order, as you will have little time other than the City preparations. Take
each day and utilize the home in production and preparation. Watch what new
areas you are invited to enter and be selective.”

“ Rest is important, as your inner senses are enhanced to a high pitch and your
senses become a constant announcement companion. The year coming soon
will hold the Declaration of what is now being verified as sacred, holy, long since
referred to as the Coming of Heaven on Earth, for it is so. So then are there any
more questions for this session?”

GENII: “I am just so filled with love and gratitude for the information and the
encouragement to continue so I may serve in the highest truth and honor. It is
hard for me to express my feelings. Thank you.”

OOO-LON: “All at this moment being said, go in peace and love and spread
those feelings to all you contact. We honor your position and service.”

With that, a feeling of dramatic love came from the faintly seen audience and we
left, as I find myself back in Sedona with a deep knowing that indeed I am
privileged to be a part of hearing and being part of the bigger unseen yet picture.
So Light It Be!

P.S. (more information) “The Genii is now in the light corridor as the City beams
its frequencies into your world. These frequencies will make the Impression
Imprint as you move forward…So Light It Be.”

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