Out With the Old And In With the New

Out With the Old And In With the New

In my vision I meet with my guide, La-Luke, at the now familiar Gate of Entrance
into the City. We move through the Park of Relaxation on the wheel-less trolley
heading for the Embassy of Peace where this immaculately-styled building holds
many entities from the universe.

In entering I do recognize the Head Representatives of Information and OOOLON,
who is the only one so far that converses with me. A hush falls over all of
them in the auditorium. As I sit down, he begins to speak in English.

OOO-LON: “You have arrived back with questions?”

GENII: “Yes, at least one!”

OOO-LON: “You are welcome, oh human leader of earth time, and your question

GENII: Having a feeling he already knew, I proceeded anyway. “What update
can you give me of the City’s actual appearance that I can report, if the question
is not out of line, please?”

OOO-LON smiled, as did several around this table of information. “As you
embark to speak to many, it is noted since you are into space-time you request
an update and this is unavoidable due to the inquiries coming from you and
others. So then put this information on your sheet of advancement for City

“It is observed that your planetary objective is in two parts. One wants peace at
all costs, the other peace at their own personal interests. The turmoil and unrest
vacillates daily. The wars continue, and many have taken their place in their own
ecstasy of killing. Sound strange? Programmed achievement here.”

“The so-called Money God runs first with the Sex God coming in second, which
in many cases are one and the same. This is noted as each individual has their
own short comings, so called, to be cleansed. Are you getting the picture here?”

“The light waves now in process leave no personage out. All are in a major
process of inner cleansing due to the new energy patterns being introduced, and
massive changes are taking place. This cannot be avoided if the process is to be

“Thus, this massive endeavor brings to full view the City of Light.”

“Strange feelings will be felt within each one occasionally not considered as
normal, (The Genii will testify to this), inviting that person to re-evaluate what
they are doing or have done in the past, as the mental upheaval will search for
the answers.”

“As has been said, your history will be just that, history of old doings, and this will
dissolve in the ashes of the new births. People hold on to the old as the good old
days. Well, they may not have been so good one way or another, but this still
offers no advancement now unless some learning has come from it.”

“It has done what it did then and now you are here, ready or not. The world
unseen prepares for the City of Light, and it is like parting the seas, for it comes
ready for action. So the update is all in order and moving into place. This is good
news in the vastness of the universe. We who re-enter the wave of lingering
earth thoughts seeking change which, as has been said many times, is in

“Take your given message to the world and those who seek answers will find this
a step in the right direction. Be one who Lights their paths, for all it takes is one.”
“Thank you for coming.” And with that, OOO-LON sat down.

I bowed in thanks and La-Luke and I made our way to the exit, the trolley and the
gate. I hugged my Guide of so many visits and the scene disappeared as I
recognized the Sedona red rocks back home.

So Light It Be!

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