Seeing the Unseen

Seeing the Unseen

The five story entrance gate stands tall before me and I wondered if the City
illumines the Sun or does the Sun illumine the City. It is pretty awesome anyway
one looks at it. Many people are heading through the Gate portal as I see my
guide approaching.

La-Luke has been my friend for eons of visits. Today he ushers me through the
arch, through the park of relaxation and on to the familiar trolley that takes us to a
mammoth building that gathers entities from various parts of the universe who
have been, in their way, responsible in bringing forth this City of Light and
Healing, the Embassy of Peace!

Head speaker OOO-LON stood up along with 4 others who hold court in front of
this assembly, as I am assisted toward my usual chair. As he stands, a hum is
heard behind him in the background. I feel very welcome indeed.

OOO-LON: “We welcome you back oh feminine of light, into the history being
made for your planet and we speak to you for a few moments.”

I nodded not knowing what to expect.

He continued…” The emphasis of the City of Light is on its three-
dimensional approach, and progress has been made. No longer can you have any doubts,
for in their subtle areas, it will begin to be seen by you. Very faint at first,
but the progress of its appearance, and with your mental/ physical endurance of
late, the portals open for your inspection and light.”

“Long since have you been aware of such a happening and now you can test
your sanity for the light powered image you will see will testify what has been
said for so long. Is this understood?”

I nodded and replied, “Is there something I should be doing to support what has
just been said?

OOO-LON smiled. “Dear one you have the City embedded in your DNA, heart
and mind and now, as the outer vision begins to appear slowly at first, just know
that what you are seeing is accurate and enjoy the view.”

“This will take time for you to get used to … the new vision outlines … but know
that you are supported by all who sit in the assembly and on all levels. Stay with
your heart attached and permit love to be your guide as you do now, in your
world in preparation for the vision to appear, thus making more light in your
world. Is this agreed?”

Surely he jests, I thought. Would I not want to see the greatest show this earth
ever had? Then a smile from those in front told me they knew what I was

“Of course” OOO-LON continues,” It will be observed in bit parts. A bit here, a
sight form there, which may surprise you as this will seem new, as you live your
daily life through your integral guidance. You already see the cloud forms that tell
you that they cover the space vehicles in the vicinity but people just see the
clouds. Is all this clear?”

“Yes, I am fine. Oh … I would love to have conversations with any space entity
who would like to share with me.”

OOO-LON: “We shall set that on the agenda and invite you to sit in. Be light, be
the love that you are. Remember the High Court and your Adornment of Internal
Love and all will be well with you!”

With that we all stood, bowed, and I turned to travel with my guide to the
entrance, the trolley, the park and out the gate where at this time I find myself
relaxing on my bed with all my desires fulfilled. Nice start for this day. What’s

Thanks God … All is perfect .7: 23 am
P.S. As I looked out over the red rocks of Sedona from my bedroom window I
could see white light like a rock aura. Wow!
So Light it be, for you and me.
Love, Genii

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