Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth Where Magic Never Ends

Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth Where Magic Never Ends

The vision begins with my guide and me already at the embassy. I had sensed
that I was to return. Those in attendance included OOO-LON, and those at the
head table with him, bid us welcome and motioned us to be seated. I felt that
something important was to be discussed.

OOO-LON: “We in attendance bid you welcome. From the far reaches of outer
space, the body of this assembly is created from those of the Cosmic Community
previously spoken of. We have set forth in order the following….

1. That within the period of your time, the City of Light will make its appearance
within the next year’s end!

2. Those who have diligently produced this City and its healing techniques are on
course to see it in performance.

3. The Genii has always been interested in the far off reigns of cosmic places in
wondering who and what may be found there. The world as you know it is about
to become one of those in the outer galaxies due to the City’s dramatic event.

4. Much has been said of the lower consciousness of your people thus, the
raising is necessary for the benefit of all who live in cultured lands of other
dimensional latitudes of space.

5. Light knows that no darkness can continue to develop when it is pulsating from
the creator and that includes everyone. It is the people in their confused ego
states that are primary in producing what has taken place on your planet. This
will be stopped through alteration of their confused mental from destruction to
peaceful ways.

6. We are preparing to introduce you to your Cosmic Community neighbors who
can share through an interrupter, to give you a larger picture of what has been
put together for the benefit of mankind (such as it is).

7. The master teacher, one of several, of so long ago attempted to teach the true
meaning of love as do many today. Now is the time to set the course with a
deeper understanding of what and who are your universal family.

8. Your screened motion picture of Avatar gave you a sample of another world
of those who lived and loved until man entered to destroy through greed.
Many such locations of stars and planets know only love and as the Genii knows
as ‘pure love!’ and anything else is foreign to their thinking.

9. The time has arrived as the Genii has inherited this kind of love and sends it
forth to those she knows. Love is the strongest vibration of healing for it
encompasses the heart to heart, which is the vital organ and power center in the
body. As has been said recently between the Genii and a close friend, “it is the
‘pure love’ that knows no boundaries which is far beyond what is normally
known.” Pure? Indeed!

So then, what questions do you propose?”

Genii: “What am I to know or ready myself for?”

OOO-LON: “More visits here. Be ready to meet any entity you are introduced to
and be attentive to what they share. You are considered a ‘unit’ and will be
unified with them.”

Genii: “Will I be able to carry on a kind of normal life? I do have to get the City
information to do whatever it is supposed to do.”

OOO-LON ” Yes, some things will seem different as you have a path like no
other, that very few walk, and those who know of your path will support you and
your findings as self united.”

Genii: “Staying balanced is interesting.”

OOO-LON: “It is knowing that the energy forces of two worlds holds your
interests. Be easy with you. Anything else?”

Genii: “If I am meeting an entity from space what am I to be prepared for?”

OOO-LON; “Love and friendship, wisdom, and advanced knowledge simply put
for your understanding.”

Genii: “Thank you.”

OOO-LON; “Go now and think on this with the suggestion that you re- see the
Avatar movie and eliminate the darkness as much as possible and tune into the
love of these people. It is similar to what you will find ahead.”

And with this the scene ended and I am home at 7:21 am, amazed at the
opportunities coming forth before me.

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