Somewhere in Non-Time

Somewhere in Non-Time

As I release my physical world I seem to be soaring forward in time to begin my
reentry into the City. My guide, La-Luke, waves as I land near him.

LA-LUKE: “Come. We go to the Embassy. You are expected.”

The little wheel-less trolley waited as we moved through the park of relaxation
and climbed aboard. This was a combination of sunlight and night. Strange, to
be sure, but … well, I am in another dimension. The trolley (with no driver in
sight) stopped. Things work differently in other dimensions. Are we way behind, I

As we entered this domain of light, all the entities around the table were standing,
then they bowed in acknowledgement, which put me at ease. There was nothing
like the pictures in the air that I had seen before, just faint, delicate fragrances
lifting the senses, including my own. I found my chair and La-Luke stood next to
it. I wondered what would happen next. I was soon to find out.

OOO-LON: “We welcome you back to the future.”

I nodded in appreciation and mumbled, “Thank you.”

OOO-LON: “There is a question for us?”

GENII: “Yes, a couple.”

OOO-LON : “Proceed.”

GENII: “In my own case, since all this is like a new adventure, what is God’s
highest vision for me in regards to the City demonstration?”

OOO-LON smiled, and that energy was picked up by the others. Not bad, looking
at about nine entities all smiling at you.

GENII: “I have been on this path for some time watching and waiting like a
spiritual detective for any clue that would give me advanced information as to
what I call truth. And, what is to take place as I try to balance two worlds, one
here and one in the physical? What am I to be advised to do to keep the process
going and still take care of each physical day that appears at sunrise?”

OOO-LON: “You have spent much time in other worlds as you stretch forward in
the imagination, which incidentally is where ideas are given to you by
Intelligences of high order. Have you not been to the High Court? Have you been
given emblems of healing use? Of course these are extensions of preparations
you need as the forward push extends itself, as the Kathie has said with her
channel session for you. How you relate to time is simply an effect, an end
result, what you actually call truth. The message becomes decisive, thus
elevating the mind and the physical space you occupy at this precise moment.”

“Your body marks the advancement, as you are sensing energy patterns change
within the cells and molecules, which is annoying at times. But this is necessary
as even your senses elevate in experiencing this feeling of movement, all of
which is in preparation of what is to come about. This will end. It was said
before; this puts you up one more rung on the Light Ladder.”

“Look at what is taking place. Do you note other dimensions and what you refer
to as ‘see-through’ entities? Of course! Have you not asked to see the City
entirety? Yes, of course you have. All is in divine order . All is applied as healing
properties of advanced scientific design, and even you have just remarked that
the moving picture of scientific value mixed with the spiritual is a concept you
understand in your non-understanding.”

“As has been said, as forward movement is applied to your senses, it will bring
forth a cleansing so intense that all avenues you now work in will take second
place (but they are important to the City demonstration). So in helping others
such as children, you are preparing them also in your way to be able to handle
the new world in process.”

Of course we speak here of the puppets, as they are a valuable asset. So too
are the women. You have not been given these tools to let them sit idly by. Use
them to their highest advantage, now, as time, as you know it, is leaving and
now-ness is put into action.”

“Your earth collides within the new paradigm in process as your new President
lays the ground work from two levels which he is programmed to do and has the
courage to announce it to the world, ready or not, and is well able to take the
kudos or the offense of misunderstanding. Where does he get his guidance?

Does he not have spiritual guides of intelligence that tell him when and where to
impress the public and has he not moved very quickly on that advice? You are
seeing this take place, and all will in time be accepted. He moves mountains to
make the little molehill, which people can climb over in their lives. He is clearing
out and setting the course with the new thoughts being imbedded.”

“The time will come when even you will speak on what this is all about and to him
personally. Imagine that! Tis so…already done.”

The spirit group around the table hummed in agreement as I sat wide-eyed in this
declaration. Oh my….

GENII “And when will all this take place?”

OOO-LON: “Yesterday has left the experience and today is given credence to
become more time of elevation and advancement. The changing of millions of
minds to be on the same level takes various energy fields and much work for the
same millions of spirit guides to reinforce the high level programming now in
place. Finally this will and can take place.”

“You say you are just one of those millions, but what has also been said is that it
only takes one, and there are many more, including those who also related to the
City of Light which also is energy in process with the thoughts and beliefs in
place. Now as readjustments take place in your government systems, the flow
will lift in acknowledgements that God has a direct plan of peace and love. The
plan is brought closer as each day appears and the sun sets.”

“We invite you here again to tell you and those asking questions that what has
been previously said is activated, and the previous proclamation holds the power
energy of truth. Take the wisdom and use it wisely.”

“2012? We smile, as this date is not the beginning. It has long since begun.
Enjoy the essence of this message, for God has power tucked in it. Come back
with questions from others and yourself and we will set the answers in place,
because intelligence moves forward with this guidance as all are reflections of
the one, whole like a hologram. We bid you a peaceful loving day of physical
existence. Peace be with you.”

And with this La-Luke and I left the place of Light and went to the Gate of
Entrance. With my CD playing Somewhere in Time, I begin a new day here on this planet.
So Light It Be!

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