Speaking the Language of Space

Speaking the Language of Space

Walking into the scene at the gate, I am in the company of my Guide La-Luke
and what a neat Guide he is. I am blessed. My purpose is that I have requested
as suggested, to meet and speak with an entity from Outer Space.

Moving through the Park onto the usual driverless trolley we arrive at the
Embassy, and I find myself standing in front of the head table with OOO-LON
and his usual co-partners (which have never spoken to me), and also this time, a
new Entity stands with him.

He looks human-type but I felt this was some kind of maybe a covering, to put
me at ease but that he really was an Entity from somewhere in space. He wore a
long robe that glowed under his long white hair that hit the floor, and he had a
short white beard as a matched set.

His face was pleasant. He had no nose to speak of, but big eyes that could melt
the planet with love and his mouth was kind of off to one side. What I did feel
from him was total love and I recognized that they have to get used to us too. We
are the strange looking ones.

We are so used to seeing film entities that look more like us than what they really
are (do). So I am getting sort of acclimatized I guess. OOO-LON also looks
humanized a bit, but it seems that he is today’s spokesperson for whatever.

OOO-LON: “And your mission today is?”

Genii: “It has been said that I was to come back and to meet an extraterrestrial
and learn what I could understand from them.”

OOO-LON: “Yes this is true and beside me is a friend from the ethers of
space. He is a connected brother whose mission is to assist in bringing
forth what you stand in now.”

Genii: “We are used to seeming depictions of space entities but mostly in human
design. So anything else is quite foreign.”

OOO-LON: “This then is another meeting. Dressed in a robe of light you would
understand, I introduce you to ‘Meeeeeeeee Ka Laaaaaaaa’ who speaks only
space dialect. He uses a tone for a contact name so we have connection in not
language, as you speak, but in tones of the universe. This is a whole other

“We speak space so this is no problem for us. You have been taught the tones of
love, connection and healing in your 4 Keys Atonement series so dear one, that
is a beginning only but useful as you know. Questions of him?”
Genii: “Where are you from?”

Answer through OOO-LON: “My home is many light years away. If distance is an
important level of understanding, I enter your light fields from a space place of
harmony and advanced teaching. It would be sounded as ‘TUR-A-KA’ in your
tonal language.”

Note: As he was sounding the tone I began sinking farther into deeper

OOO-LON continuing for him: “I come from a home far beyond the earth tone.
The City call was to me a call of space unsettlement, where interference for the
good of this planet is needed, and we who inhabit the cosmic tonery answered
the call. The un-sensing of love in most people here upsets the harmony of the
universe and must be put to rest. My people only know the tones of what you
call LOVE and this planet must conform, so balance is maintained in the Cosmic

Note: Just hearing this and being in his presence, I kept spacing out a bit . . .
understandably so I guess. The frequencies were higher than mine and I could
hardly write what was being said, much less in long hand. I needed some air.

OOO-LON “Speaking space has deep energy attached and is effecting you so, I
think it would be best for this visit to resume at another time. I suggest that you
take these space talks very easy …as your energy field needs getting used to it,
and this is part of what is taking place with your humanness now daily.”

The entity nodded and I asked to be excused and it was lovingly agreed. With
thanks and appreciation La Luke led me out to the door and took me to the Gate.
I now find myself home, trying to write about speaking space and the power
those frequencies give in feeling.
More questions to be asked soon.
So Light it be!

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