The Big One!

The Big One!
EMBASSY VISIT August 6, 2009

Closing my eyes and moving in an inner vision to another place of familiarity, I
find myself again at the Entrance Gate into the City of Light. My visits have been
numerous and I now can add yet another one, this one, a request to return from
inside the City.

A Gate of Entrance once more beckons me to enter. No one else was seen who
had been seen before on several occasions. I was apparently quite alone, but no,
my City guide, La-Luke, appeared as if by magic and led me through the five
story entrance building.

How blessed I felt knowing that I was in God’s favor. The familiar Resting Park
came into view, but no stopping to rest on a groovy massage bench this time.
Pulling aside the giant willow-like curtains, we hopped aboard the familiar wheelless
trolley that whisked us off to the Embassy of Light. This building holds the
Power of the Universe, due to the Entities seated within sharing love and
information with energies not explainable. It is just that strong.

Having been summoned to return here I wondered why? Do I have any
questions? Well, one for sure, having just been told by Archangel Michael
through a human channel by two friends who shared with us that a “Big One”
earth-wise is to be experienced. What is the big one and how does it affect us?

The trolley stopped and we entered this hall of magnificence and awesome
power mixed with love unimaginable … Oh my God! The entities of this place
stood and nodded while I was escorted to my now usual throne-type chair. A
hum went through this extra large light arena, with Lord knows how many entitles
filling every seat in this vast audience that was unseen but surely felt.

OOO-LON, the leader began, “We welcome you back to this place of light for a
particular reason, which you have already been given in what you would call a
clue. Your earth patterns are shaping up to bring forth a massive undertaking of
change. This will, by no means, be just a small indication of what is to come. It
has already been triggered.”

“These things that have and are taking place are true in the eyes of Archangel
Michael, for he makes his words through another human to take note of what to
be aware of, not in fear but in preparation to take on any situation that appears
unusual. This, then, would be a confirmation of same. So then what to do?”
“Stay in the love that accompanies and know that this is all love directed and not
fear based, that people of your dimension will do it on their own. Take each day
as a celebration to honor that God of Light that will soon ascend onto the planet
in a different form than human to be sure, but yet the same.”

“Star workers set in motion what needs to be put into action to lift those who
second guess this change of frequencies. This Embassy makes the world sacred
in its dealings in and of this planet, and in doing so, makes its graduation, so to

“Gathered in this Embassy are Light Beings from around the Galaxy, and in
themselves just being here cross-over changes are being made. This cosmic
community intersects with the world dimension you live and function in. It takes
massive attention gesturers to bring people together as one in the love and light
of what this City represents totally.”

“So then, as when any change appears, fear comes as a companion rushing
forth to protect in the survival system programmed within. People fear what is
unknown or not understood, but for some, they move through that into higher
knowing that ‘all is well’.”

“The energy patterns of change are moving into ‘shock’ position and all will feel
the impact. Due to the inner feelings of light workers, a knowing is produced
even before it is validated by your media. When the inner terror raises to be
experienced as a disaster, to those who have been elevated in consciousness
to a higher point of understanding they know that the necessity to cleanse is the
perfect recognition of what is taking place and all in divine right order. Do you
understand these words?”

GENII: “Yes, and what would be our position to move through such an earthchanging
unsettling trauma?”

OOO-LON: “Practice staying in balance in the knowing of what is to be brought
forth, and that the City of Light has been selected to bring such healings that
have never been seen before on this planet. It has been said before that the City
of Light has been selected to bring forth healings and would be a major attention-getter,
never before produced or seen in your world. To have a trauma happen, it
then becomes validated and the imprint is very effective, because then people
believe their prayers are being answered, through the combined energy of the
City. And they trust in God, Buddha or whomever and say, ‘Yes, they have
appeared to help us, praise God!’”

“This precursor to the City is in place. An example would be that this planet
would be like a dog shaking off water from his fur. Trauma brings people
together in loving ways and shakes off the darkness of undeveloped light. Those
who cannot hold such energy patterns will leave and only return when they
decide to learn the ‘light way’.

“So then, this gathering is a preview of what was announced eons ago and
mentally programmed as ‘The Big One.’ Prepare not for fear, but in the holy
revelation that the Christ principal is in action and the Genii remembers the old
song title ‘On that great, come and get it day’ and that will be when this planet
shines in the heavens for all to enjoy near and far, never again to be destructive
in its dealings.”

“This City is a gift and all will know when it is time. Any more questions?”

GENII: “What is my passion in all this?”

OOO-LON: “Precisely why you are being advised to take the lead and be an
example. Stay in your upper leveling and lift those who may not understand what
is taking place. Meditate, rest, trans-audio, for your senses are becoming more
refined as each moment passes. The world of illusion is in such a state of flux
that it is important to bring forth the City of Light healing facility, and come it will!
Now. have you received the impact of these words?”

GENII: “Oh my, yes. Being inside this City and its healing factors I know this is
really needed, having been blessed to re-enter many times. Thank you for this
magnificent dwelling of love that was delivered to Dr. Townsend so many years
ago. I proudly carry on his legacy the best I can and will continue as advised and

With this I knew my time was up, so I was escorted out of the building, on to the
trolley and back at the Gate. I said goodbye to my guide and found myself back
in my bed in Sedona on a sunny morning.

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