The Cosmic Raising of Consciousness

The Cosmic Raising of Consciousness

Re-entering while in a meditative state, the scene once again is at the Gate but
this time several small children greeted me with smiles and led me thru the Park
of Relaxation to where my friendly city guide, La-Luke, took over and the kids just
disappeared. My guess was they headed for the playing field where a cloud of
white mist can be grabbed as a snowball and tossed.

GENII: “Who are these children?” I asked

LA-LUKE: “They are young entities of parent entities who use this place as a
playing ground just for the fun of it. Come, we venture to the Embassy as light
attends those who await us.”

With this, time seemed to move ahead very quickly and I found us in the place
where see-thru entities as I call them stood around the horseshoe table in
acknowledgement that we were present.

OOO-LON: “We welcome you back to this Council of Peace and Keepers of

GENII: “What am I to know?”

OOO-LON: “The world of your economy is in a cleansing mode and upon the
finish will be stronger than ever before, for people are now in mixed energies
finding new ways to do old things. Those who seek employment will find new
ways to incorporate old values and invent new ones. The current so-called
hardship is purifying thru frequencies that can and will make people think
differently. Change in your world is never easy, for your survival imprints hold
on for desperation, for survival is mandatory.”

“The City of Light designed in the current renovation of earth change will have
people resting in the knowing that such a place has the ability to reconstruct
much of the thinking from the old to the new; thus, healing will take place in each
individual that will seem priceless, for there is nothing to compare it to.”

“Someone has asked you recently about the current exchange of money. Money
as such will become a thing of the past, just like stones were exchanged in the
distant past and are no more, where much had to be stored for individual comfort
of survival sake. This will become a mental opening of sharing instead of
hoarding. This, of course, will take some time of exchange of thoughts and
emotions, et cetera, but it has been said the new times of process and healing is
Mandatory. The Money God will reign no more!”

“It will become people first. The changeover with them through a re-evaluation of
their thinking and intent will be a major factor that puts new ideas into place. The
necessity of change now runs rampant in fear like a virus that passes on from
person to person through the media impact that is not a help but a hindrance.
That is because negativity begets negativity and people have that already preset
to continue more of the same. This is to be stopped, and the City manifestation
will shake out a lot due to beliefs that God has indeed brought forth the
manifestation of new life.”

“You are a designated human who works to stay stable in the midst of the
turbulence around. Some days are better than others when cooperation and love
is felt as well as given, and love should lead the way. Now then what would you
ask of us?”

GENII: “To keep me informed of what is in process and allow me more visits with
questions as well as to continue to inspect the City and even find out more about
your cosmic community worlds.”

OOO-LON: “As agreed. As you can see and sense, this is just the first step as
said previously. The wound must be cleansed before the healing can take place,
for this time no Band-Aid approach will do.”

“As countries begin to look at themselves, and others as themselves like looking
into a mirror, this will begin the peace talks. Remember even the darkest of
minds are being affected, thus bringing up what has been held in the deepest
recesses of the subconscious, and thus making them a target of their own
thinking. They do irrational horrifying things, and usually in the name of God or
Allah. Such nonsense is to be no longer tolerated. This is not an overnight
process but it will be completed, for this planet will survive. We have appeared
to have this known and completed.”

“We are from many cosmic community locations and galaxies, and this way of
living on your planet affects the whole universal hologram. Nothing is separate,
all is one. Every Light Being unseen, every star, every planet and much that you
know not of, are all affected and subject to what this planet subscribes to. Every
insect, flower, animal and tree plays a part in the holiness of what we are about.”

“Some of your antics are deplorable and will be stopped! The make-up of your
decisions will be changed one way or another. Since you cannot seem to do it
easily, the community of universal helpers are on hand and have been for some
time, and will continue to be to the finality.”

“All the star riders, brothers and sisters have long since been evolved and
involved as a vast community that recommends that the mind set of individuals
here be changed to only know love for themselves, and respect of each other will
be the healing process taking over.”

GENII: “What about the individual health healings?”

OOO-LON: “What takes years and tons of money to find cures from cancer or
some other self-induced appearance will be brought to a close, as the cure is
known by the Star Community now! The hard part is in the human thinking, as
they are used to being ‘ill’ and scarification comes from the inner voice of the
subconscious that is a melody that repeats itself. When this is cured, the void
could be a breeding place of something else. And the beat goes on. One has to
be very strong not to accept an illness in any form.”

GENII: “Like in my book The Sickness Bug, about addictions?”

OOO-LON: “The doctors and the forerunner scientists here are being guided to
check new ways to cure old ways, but this is snail slow, which is fine for the
pharmaceutical companies who make millions on its products. Again, the money
god is mentally in charge. Why would they want people well? They have a
surprise in store, believe it!”

“We are here to bring peace on earth, as has been the cry for centuries. This is in
process, for the Universal Governing Light will have nothing less, so the cosmic
community joined in to bring this about. First to find the power within themselves,
then the planet’s exterior by going into and through the people themselves.”

“Consciousness must be raised, and the fantasy of love empowerment within
each individual will make this a reality. Walk your day as one in Light, thus
wherever you go or whomever you meet can have even a slight personal change
that will benefit all. It is when you recognize and appreciate each other the
changes happen, and quite quickly. A lifting this way is important. The new
President called Obama knows this and is purposely put in this place of honor to
recycle old thoughts into new ones as he attempts to instill this in others long
since in old ways of thinking.”

With this he sat down and another entity on his left side stood up, looked at me
and said, “We are here to extend the holy way of cleansing through higher
intelligence and shall be open to new questions as they come to mind.”

He sat down and I was tapped on the shoulder by my Guide that it was time to
depart. I thanked this cosmic council force for peace, stood up and was led out
of the room with no walls, back to the Gate and then back home in Sedona,
ready to see what today brings besides trying to type all this up!
So Light it be!

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