The Council of Master Minds Meeting 1

The Council of Master Minds Meeting 1

Entering into a calm meditative state, I suddenly got the vision of being back into
the gardenlike foyer of the building I had previously been in before with my guide,
although he was not seen now. Appearing from an opening at the end of a
corridor came an entity smiling and bowing. He beckoned me to follow him and
clearly this was a sensing that I had arrived at my destination which I knew
somehow was the Chambers of Masters.

As we went through the opening entrance, the vision was not a room as we know
a room with walls, but something very different. Let’s see how do I explain the

No walls and feeling of vastness as the air was filled with moving pictures floating
gently and silently around and overhead. Kinda like being in the
universe mentally. A kaleidoscope of pictured thoughts curling around! Who’s
thought? Why pictures? What is going on?

Had I stepped into the universal ‘now’ moment? It felt very peaceful and a feeling
of love filled my heart. None of this would make much sense in my human
thinking. But hey… if I was going crazy, it sure felt pretty good. Interestingly
though, I am very clear headed and strong … actually more than normal.

At ground level was seen a circular long table with one opening like a horseshoe.
In that space was a throne-like chair in gold with pillows of blue/ purple colors. As
I looked at the table, entities began to appear. Settling in, they took on the human
exterior of male, female while love, strength and gentleness appeared from them,
but with much power also. A light above each head cascaded down and around
encasing them in its frequency.

I wonder if these are some of the Golden Illumined ones of the Court of the high
tribunal I know about. I felt that this meeting was just to acclimatize me into this
new way of accepting what was to come about. And that I was an honored guest
sitting in this Throne of Excellence, as I was inwardly told it was, and believe you
me, with what I was experiencing, it needed to be absorbed a bit to be

It was a meeting of high level minds to be sure. The questions of Who? What?
Where? and Why? were still to be introduced into verbal communication. Could
my mind understand this enough to continue? Continue? Excuse me look how far
you have come Genii…of course…I just needed a moment or two to absorb the
ecstasy of it all. Was time a factor here?

Then an entity of light, male in design, which I felt was to give me some mental
balance of identification stood up and smiled, giving me a hand signal of
welcome.. Wow! Talk about being in a strange land. He opened his mouth to
speak but no sound arrived to my ears. Then another entity tapped him on the
arm and this person adjusted a ring on a finger and sound was heard like tuning
up the volume on a radio.

With this I heard “Welcome to the City Council. We are the Ambassadors of
Mental Light, the Mind Masters or the Master Minds of this City of Healing, that
God has entrusted to bring forth what you have been part of before this life
incarnation of space time.”

“Since this is strange and must be absorbed, we invite you to do that, and come
back as you need to, and we will once again enter into the conversational
informational area where you will be comfortable and can understand clearly.”
By this time I was getting very light headed so that felt right. With this he sat
down but his light body aura stayed in form a bit higher, then slowly lowered
surrounding him.

I thanked them and indeed I needed to adjust my thinking. Then this scene
ended and I seemed to float back into my home and bed where most of my
morning mediation takes place…I really was ‘spacey’ and felt to go outside for
some fresh air . . . and I needed to do human things like take the trash out. Boy,
that ought to do it!

Ok God. I will be back . . . This was really fun . . .
Thanks, Genii.

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