The Invitation January 24, 2009

Genii’s Visits to the Embassy of Peace Headquarters
The Invitation January 24, 2009

GENII: “In the sensing of yesterday’s message that I am to speak to world
leaders on the City, and now the Embassy of Peace, what would I say?”

ANSWER: “To re-enter the City and sit in Council with the Entities of Light would
be advised. The major interests will become apparent, as the information given is
subject to the questions to be asked.”

GENII: “Who would be in this Council of Entities?”

ANSWER: “Those who could answer your questions.”

GENII: “What if I don’t know what questions to ask?”

ANSWER: “You will. The energy flowing like the intense feeling of yesterday will
set the course.”

GENII: “What am I to do to ready myself for such a vision meeting?”

ANSWER: “As usual.”

GENII: “What does the Embassy of Peace, which seems to include the whole of
the planet, intend to achieve?”

ANSWER: “Again, this session would bring to the forefront what is intended to be
accomplished here.”

GENII: “Are there more Embassies of Peace imprinted in the Cities’ blueprints
elsewhere on this planet?”

ANSWER: “One could say, as a starter, in the minds of those who cry for peace
on earth.”

“This is not a new concept. This peace idea has been in evidence for centuries
as even a master walked the planet, and you know the story of what happened to

“Ignorance, darkness of the truth has gleamed many a war, be it on a battlefield
of many or between two or more people who disagree on any particular subject.
When anger flows, the energy rises to attack. When love flows, energy rises to

“The Jedi motto decrees that never in attack, only in defense, and even if love
were the defense, like the sword, the light would banish the darkness, for
darkness cannot hold the energy when light is applied. The Force spoken of is
love, not to be used in anger, and again, all is mental.”

“The Embassy of Light regulates peace and healing as its objective, which will be
and will be major in its refinement now in process. The more love given out, the
faster the cleansing. As has been said, this planet is far too valuable to have its
treasures destroyed. Those who do the dark work will have no recourse but to
cease the destruction of the innocent people, animals and nature. Thus, the
major decree has been given you.”

“Are you destined to speak to world leaders in and out of authority? Yes.”

GENII: “But I am basically unknown.”

ANSWER: “You have been chosen. That is what you need to be aware of at this
moment. We recognize being famous for any reason is not where you are
coming from; however, this will take place anyway. You have an inner heart that
loves, even as many noted masters have been so designed, with no other dream
but to serve your God in unusual ways. And serve you do, so this is just one
more way.”

“A big one, to be sure, but massively important as you became very aware of
yesterday. Will you be known? My, yes. You are being prepared even as we
confer at this moment. Have you not said that this is your destiny?”

“At this point guidance has been given and your attendance in this court of the
Embassy of Peace opens its doors for consultation with the highly respected
Mind Masters who guide the makings of decisions, thus bringing forth what has
been put on your plate of dreams for some space time now.”

“Think on these things and we shall confer as you come to a meeting of Mind
Masters, for indeed this is now possible. We await your entrance.”
So Light it be

P.S. GENII: “Anything else to be addressed?”

ANSWER: “The message has been given for the moment. Stay tuned in, as
more will be revealed in a split second. All is on course, of course.”

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