The Light of Interest

The Light of Interest
EMBASSY VISIT July 24, 2010

Another time another place, another dimension, but a place of such magnificence
that seems to take my breath away every time I come back through my inner
vision. I accept my visitation rights of City entrance and headed for the Embassy
of Peace, beginning at the coded gate of entrance, where my City guide La-Luke
greets me with a hug.

Grabbing my hand, we ran through the Park of Relaxation and onto the waiting
driver-less, wheel-less trolley that skims over the ground with us aboard. I can
assume that there are many of these trolleys taking people from place to place
within the City interior, but so far this is the only one I have seen. This huge
almost egg-shaped building holds an entrance garden with fragrances that bring
such peace that it seems to set the scene for this Embassy of Peace.

Once more inside this main sanctuary, I see the 5 cosmic CEO’s sitting at the
front table and hear the vast unseen, but felt, audience of hundreds of entities.
Some were behind them. They stand in a bowing welcome and look to my
seating in the usual high-back chair where La-Luke leads me.

It is an honor to be here … no doubt of that! The leader OOO-LON, speaker of
space and human’s language, spoke in our language for my understanding.

OOO-LON: “We welcome the Genii back. How may we be of service?”

GENII: “I come for:

1. Any advisement on my future steps,
2. To learn more of speaking space and
3. A student/friend has requested a question and answer session. He is
considered a C-L, ‘City Light’ and he is dedicated to service for the City. I have
asked him to report his needs.”

OOO-LON: “Proceed.”

GENII: “This is his report/question, as given him by his inner 4 Keys guide MAREEK:
From William Henry Barton IV … How shall I best serve and be of service while
in a state of surrender to the City of Light, keeping in mind and being aware of
the fact that my inherent gifts from God include a continuous powerful, and
abundant flow of live force energy (Chi) throughout my being, as well as having a
particularly close connection with electricity and/or energy generation. Thank

OOO-LON: “It would be wise to share with this human male, that he has yet
another guide with whom he can accelerate in the areas of his speaking and the
learning therein. The City of Light, as this male knows, is electrically enhanced
with such power that is not known to people on your planet.”

“As you would say, the power within it is awesome from the High Towers
collection of the UPPCs to the under-City electromagnetic fields and computers
beneath, reporting on what is happening above. All is electrified to the point of
even sending energy to other states in need. Now then, from his Soul Light
Guide, The William can get precise instruction pertaining to his part in the
mechanics of the electronics pertained to in the message to him.”

“As he leads himself under this guidance, he can become an intricate part of the
over-all picture and be able to answer questions from others as a teacher/leader
would, as you are doing now.”

“His Soul Guide teacher does “Speak Space” and also his English as you
understand. But he brings the Light electrified into the planet to maximize the
power this planet needs to overcome the low consciousness spoken of many
times. ZOOO-NAAR is this guide and a master in these fields and quite open to
instruct The William further.”

At this point a hum of acknowledgment sounded in the audience, and the head
CEO’s nodded Yes…

GENII: “Will William be guided step by step so he can also teach and give
information to further the interest in the City construction in printed data for City
books etc.?”

OOO-LON: “Quite so. With his intent of service to the City manifestation and
being open to his City Guide.”

(NOTE: Each human that has been 4 Keys linked has a “City” Guide who will
instruct the talents of that individual who wants to be of service using them, and
can be so intoned.)

“You have been given the title of ‘Advanced Achievement Academy’ (AAA)
connected to the Light Center. Report these findings and recognize that pods of
information can be given of this advancement as they, as their soul teachers in
human form, lead the way as experts in action.”

GENII: “Thank You. I will pass this information on to others as well.”

OOO-LON: “And now then . . . The Genii has been into the advancement of
moving the City data from her house to the White House. This will continue to
completion! The path ahead we seek to see you complete as doors with Light
intent open before you. Make note of the advancement. Your path is secure and
the target dates will appear like magic. Just hold the Light forward and expect
the unexpected in delightful ways” He says as he smiles and nods in agreement.”

“Your visit here today has been of great value to others. The gifts of the fun of
strings and things have been a value to yourself and others. Yes, you have
served in many ways. Now then, take a bit of time to enjoy what you enjoy for
smiles and laughter is indeed healing. Take your gifts of fun and just give them
away. This is your time … and God agrees.”

“Be of good cheer. All is well and on course. We shall attend to more again on
your next visit.”

“We see that your energy is getting low.” With that they all stood, smiled and
bowed as La-Luke and I did the same and we headed for the doorway, the trolley
and the gate, and I now find myself home with my furry white pup ‘Light Spirit’
wanting some fun.

So Light It Be.

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