The Magic Advantages of Light

The Magic Advantages of Light
EMBASSY VISIT, August 8, 2010

Thoughts of The Embassy of Peace bring forth the future, and as I enter into this
realm in thought and vision, delight and honor fills my heart. The five-story gate
complex (How many times have I been here now?) seems to welcome me and
others who are all excited to enter. A tap on my shoulder awakens my
amusement of what I see, as my guide La-Luke readies me for the dash to the
trolley that takes us to the Universal Embassy of Light and Peace.

Arriving at The Embassy building, we are ushered into the Sanctuary of Light.
Beings from all over the universe gather here together in preparation to move all
forward in the expectancy of The City demonstration. What a privilege to be here.
Oh My! … Yes!

Head Master OOO-LON and his front table companions rise to the occasion as
we enter and are seated nearby in a seat of visiting honor. I have been here so
many times that I feel at home in the awesome football stadium kind of building.
So somewhere in time, once more I get the privilege of conversations with the
highest beings one could meet. In some ways this is just pure fun and powerful in
its reality. And the conversation begins …

OOO-LON: “Welcome Light Lady to the meeting of ‘Beings from parallel
universes’ and the universe of wisdom and knowledge par none. What may we
entice you to say?”

Genii: “First permit me to thank you all for your love, wisdom, and encouragement
to continue with The City announcements. It is always a deep honor to be
in your presence of such vast wisdom. I have a few questions … one from City
Light Renee Trenda who is announcing the City wherever she can, even to the
presidents for contact with me.”

OOO-LON: “This is good and fruitful, continue … “

Genii: “She asks, “Is there some genetic factor in our bodies that would let us
connect with these Universal Uniphase Power Capsules, so that we may emit
more Light? Are we in any way connected to the UPPCs?”

OOO-LON: “Actually No. Your power centers are designed to hold just so much
amperage and the packaged UPPC’s would be too strong to manage. You just
would not be anymore. However, the spin-off from the capsules does emit Light,
and since you are this, you would feel the essence of them. With the City there is
no way you would not be subject to the frequency dwelling in the City itself.”

Genii: “Her second question … ‘Would the UPPC’s be a Free Energy device for
homes and businesses to replace fossil fuel?’”

OOO-LON: “To a certain extent. As The City enters into the human equation of
demonstration, it will appear that there is more here that can be used in other
areas of support as she has questioned.”

“Remember this is the first City! There are imprints in the Ethers of sameness,
that will appear and the Light is to be emitted from them, as has been said to

“This planet of humans will glow in the heavens like another moon that was
hand-placed by God. The change-over on your planet will have that much
frequency. It is known by us that words are just words until the seeing is
observed. But, you can mark these words of offering … that this indeed is so! For
this place of Earth, much energy frequencies must be amplified and will be, due
to the High Towers process of catching and relaying the UPPC’s as they will into
each City in the Ethers, thus lightening up many miles around also.”

“What you have entered here with the first City, is the attention-getter! And this
will fascinate more advanced ideas to come forth in balancing out the planet’s
darker spots, while also bringing forth more scientific areas to hone in on, which
will make the world take another look at itself with what is called ‘New Eyes.’
Science and spirit will walk hand-in-hand for progress is essential, and will not be
by-passed. This is a promise.”

“Many entities have been instrumental, and instruments of peace are in this
House of Peace Headquarters that you attend at this moment. These are minds
so far beyond the Earth that the good that is about to change people’s thinking,
through new frequencies that are even now bombarding your planet, is beyond
normal human thinking.”

“Those who work in various areas such as Earth plants and greenery, will rejoice
in the way the plants respond to normal light emanating from any of the future
Cities of Light, and all in-between as nothing is left out. What needs to be
cleaned out, will be. What needs to be replenished, will be!”

“Take note: Hundreds upon hundreds of humans are leaving in various ways and
are supporting the cleansing from another level. Even those with darkened minds
now see the Light from a different perspective. Those who have suffered in the
wars will find comfort and healing and release of mental wounds. This too is part
of the Light Healing. Nothing is left out … nothing! And as said, the wars will
have no more attraction to exist!”

Genii: “Is there an update on the City appearance?”

OOO-LON: “As said, as the minds concentrate on 2012 … leading up to that
date makes the City a silent appearance, and people with an average sense will
sense something is going to happen. The dark minds will feel that it is some kind
of disaster. The light minds will feel the love to such an extent that even without
knowing it, they will assist the energy to bring it forward.”

“Those who respond have the lead in, and their leadership of Light will assist
others to spread the word in welcome of what is to be seen. The days come and
go quickly now. The emphasis is on contact and spreading the message to those
who will hear and respond within themselves. There is yet time for The Genii and
other City Lights to spread the word, but not much. So then, can we be of more

Genii: “Thank you all, and as I am invited, I will return.”

OOO-LON: “Do that, for your advancement beyond the Earth as much is yet to
be discovered and shared. For this point, continue to serve as people recognize
that what you say is truth-connected. Rest and play to keep yourself in good
condition. We bid you the Light of the eternal day!”

And with this, I find myself at home in Sedona and ready to ride off to Disneyland
for a well-earned few days vacation, and the green bench on Main St. chatting
with Walt Disney … Imagine that!
So Light it be!

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