The Planeteers

The Planeteers
CITY EMBASSY OF PEACE, December 23, 2009

The gate looked sparkly with lights beaming up to the heavens. I, in a holiday
mood, met with my guide La-Luke. He has been such a gentle, loving support all
these times. He looked a bit like Santa as his light gray beard took on the shine
of the lights.

As he was dressed in white robes, he was indeed a vision to my eyes. I
wondered what he would show me this visit. In any case, I am blessed to be
able to take these inner vision visits and gather City information.
He took my hand and we almost ran thru the Park of Relaxation as he hustled
me past the now parting willow trees what seemed to know we were on the way,
and in here they probably did!

“Where to?” I gasped. As the trolley appeared I knew we were on the way to the
City Embassy, a place of information and guidance from cosmic entities. Groovy.
The wheel-less trolley whisked us to the doorway and we entered into this
sanctuary of peace and advancement.

OOO-LON was also all decked out in white robes that reflected his inner love and
respect for any guests who might enter. The almost unseen audience in the
semi-light behind the CEO’s at the front table sent forth a hum tone hat resonated
through my body temple. We crossed to my seat and I felt I had just joined the
upper crust of higher beings who were really unknown to me.

OOO-LON spoke: “Again during your earth festivities time, your wish was to
come again and, thus, here you are. We are pleased to serve you. What may
be your pleasure from us?”

GENII: “I know not what to ask. Well, maybe. I would like to know more about
those who are part of this vast audience. Who are they, where do they came
from and why?”

OOO-LON took a seat with those at his table. They all looked human but I
sensed otherwise.

OOO-LON: “We who serve you are contained in a Cosmic Community where
war or harm cannot be perpetrated by anyone as IT JUST DOES NOT EXIST.
The universe is a plentiful place of entities who have developed through what you
would call centuries beyond. This not behind. Beyond is the “before you” that
we speak of here; ‘future’, if you will, in your language.”

“They are referred to as ‘Planeteers’ who inhabit different planets, mostly
unknown to you earth people, as your intelligence level has yet to make the leap
except through your motion pictures and that shows only, for the most part,
havoc and destruction.”

“These Planeteers are not this. They are builders of Empires set in light
frequencies that you would refer to as stars. Your development seekers call them
dust particles, minerals, etc. This has been taught the target for eons of time yet
unremembered by humans who struggle to maintain some kind of mechanical
entry to bring forth the answers.”

“Even the moon (so called) has levels of dimensions never before seen but
maintains the outer facade to your astronauts’ evaluations. Sky travel is limited
only to now and then time slots as contact is sought with something other than
earth. What is not understood or, for the most part, accepted by many is that
contact was made eons ago and has been the primary source in fulfilling this
current project that’s aimed itself as a masterpiece of deliberate intention set in
place to cure what has ailed this planet for far too long, and still continues in its
light and darkness interlude under the guise of peace. This will not continue!”
“Dear one, you stand knowing better, due to years of interceptive work you were
led into by the Dr. Bill. He was and is a prime leader to what you would call
‘spilling the beans ‘ of this Divine Healing Demonstration. Does any of this make
sense to you?”

GENII: “Oh, yes. Many years ago when my husband was channeling I asked if I
could see the City before it is humanly seen. The answer was yes. It took a few
years but I am astounded at what I have been prized to see and enjoy. Space
ships and Extraterrestrials have always felt like friends and teachers to me. Even
now as I write this, I feel such a surge of love and the tears flow easily. Why is
this that I feel like I am just a visitor on earth?”

OOO-LON: “For this is so, as Lyra is your home base. Even though it seems
many light years away it is in your heart as ‘home.’ It is one of those stars we
spoke of earlier. The dimension you live in now is different because you are in
human form, but another dimension exists within your light body that says what
you have just asked. This information would take much time to explain, but soon
you shall know the whole picture.”

“Speak with Hermes and venture back here as questions equal answers and you
are open to receive.”

As this was spoken I knew the visit was over. My guide tapped me on the
shoulder and we bowed as we headed out the door onto the trolley and back to
the gate. My classroom is earth and my future unknown, but what the heck, look
what I am finding out. Amazing! Thanks, God! So Light It Be.

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