Today is the Tomorrow of Yesterday

Today is the Tomorrow of Yesterday
EMBASSY VISIT, October 4, 2009

QUESTION: “What is to be known?”

ANSWER; “Nearer my God to thee brings forth the inner feelings of the Genii and
touches her heart as she moves forward with her soul convictions of what is to
come about in your dimension.”

“The message is clearly defined in each contact, so permit us once again to have
you enter into the sanctuary of peace and light, the City of God, which is opened
to be entered into and enjoyed. As the coming prospects of it enter into your
mental equation of life, it appears that that which is today is only the tomorrow of

As I enter into my inner vision corridor, I see myself walking up to the golden
awesome Gate, which is one of several and there are what look like crowds of
people already there. They fade away, and my guide, La-Luke, smiles as I draw
near and it all seems like a dream sequence. La-Luke holds out his hand as he
smiles to see me.

LA-LUKE: “You have been away a long time.” (It didn’t seem like it to me, but
what is time but an illusion anyway?)

Entering into the now familiar Park of Relaxation I was tempted to sit on one of
the massage benches and do just that, enjoy the fantastic flowers, trees and just
the peace of this place, but this was not to be our stopping place. As the wheelless
trolley pulls up I know that we are headed to the City Embassy of Peace a
distance away.

We were hustled into the interior, which is like an amphitheatre with hundreds of
entities in the background and several leaders who hold court (so to speak)
around a horseshoe type table. I nodded and sort of bowed to those there as I
was guided to the seat of honor (not sure what the honor is but it is comfortable
and opulent so what is to be rejected?)

The leader, OOO-LON, stood and said, “You have had the feeling to return, is
that not so?”

“Yes”, I replied.

OOO-LON: “And so it is, and we welcome you on behalf of all in attendance
here, many of whom are from other parts of the galaxy. They have been
instrumental in putting forth this City you are speaking of to those who will listen.”

“Is there a particular reason?” I asked.

“Quite so”, he replied. “The terrain of the earth is in movement and various
regions are and will be touched and evacuated due to the inner earth pressures
of the new life changes in accordance with the coming of this holy place of
healing. When fear is triggered, people look to God to save them from death,
which leads them to God in any case.”

“As the next advanced year enters the orbit, it is most important what has been
revealed to you regarding the City. Stay in touch with the solid notion that the
divine entrance will be of valued constructions being put into place and into the
third dimension. All is on course.”

“Forget not your position in the announcement of this heaven on earth, which
has been pronounced for eons of time. And as repeated, this is the only one, a
prototype that will be seen and be able to be entered into while the unseen ones
are in place. It takes only one demonstration to shake up a world ready for
healing. This is where you come into play.”

“With the new paradigm now in effect, more teachers, channels and sight
facilitators are desired to bring advanced awareness to the masses, so
Lightworker attention should be put into place to teach the 4 Keys and Light Link
to open the unknown light corridor and thus bring through their own personal soul
guides and gatekeepers, as teachers and leaders will clear the way for the 5th
Key. They will then enter the City personally to see for themselves what is
coming about in this healing edifice.”

“The closed holy door of the past is now opening for the Genii to teach the
teachers, for time is short, so to speak. There are many who would be excellent
leaders and can gather in their world many who can become the spreader of the
news thru their own inner visits.”

“To name a few who have been linked, Kathie Brodie, Richard La Duke, Renee
Trenda, and even now a new friend of channeled masters Cynthia Williams who
would be an excellent teacher since she is a noted channel herself. Plus there
are more yet unknown.”

“So then it is time to spread the word and pass the 4 Keys to Light
on to others so they can link in light yet many more. What has taken four hours
to teach the Keys now will be designed for approximately an hour or a bit more. A
prepared session can be set in place in writing format and live action.”

“How is this to be done, especially the hidden Word?” I asked.

OOO-LON: “Would we not explain this in its perfect order? Of course. More and
more people are being open to receive unusual answers through their own light
work, and the time is now. Travel is indicated, and even classes on the Internet
can be programmed. Being open to the suggestions offered would be a part The
Charles could lead in the way best expressed.”

GENII: “And what of the personal guides and gatekeepers of each?”

OOO-LON: “Once the concept is in place and those who have been ‘light linked’
even in large groups, this they then take on themselves, if they are open to take
on this assignment.”

“Expect this to move out quickly when in place. Teach the facilitators to teach the
next set of facilitators. Gather many as leaders as you will be guided to do. You
no longer have to do it all.”

“The holy door of secrecy is opening for advancement, and an initial financial
cost can indeed be not the primary reason, but can be enticement to help with
human expenses. Are you willing to serve in this position?”

“Of course”, I reply, ready to serve.

OOO-LON: “Good then. Be now ready to begin. You are in agreement and open
to serve whoever is drawn to extend themselves into the new paradigm and the
new Keys.”

“So then this session is at a close and we will be in contact so expect a City
return as well as through your light corridor.”

And as he said this he stood up, bowed, smiled, and we left this place of
progress back on the trolley and through Gate Entrance into whatever steps are

I thank God and my teacher guides who move many forward into the City of Light
So Light It Be.

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