Upward and Onward

Upward and Onward
EMBASSY VISIT, January 8, 2010

A new year invites me to request a trip back into the City of Light. Request
Granted! With my energy fields in place and mentally aware and vision
positioned, I peruse the visual Gate Entrance, five stories high, with my personal
invite to return to the Embassy of Peace.

Once more my constant City guide appeared, gray white beard and all, in the
image of La-Luke with a smile that made me think of Santa Claus in robes. The
ooh’s and ahh’s of the people are loudly heard as they admire in amazement this
holy place of light and healing.

I wondered: What if no healing of any kind was needed? Would there be a
healing city needed? By the time this thought had had its way, I found us once
again on the wheel-less trolley feeling a bit like Oz’s Dorothy when she remarked,
“Things come and go so fast here.”

Maybe I am Dorothy on my way to meet the wizards, which certainly is what is
inside the Embassy of Cosmic Information of universal travelers to this planet. It
is no wonder I can get “spacey” on a daily basis at home with all this advanced
far-out information I am privy to.

Head leader OOO-LON was standing as I now faced him from my conversation
chair for what looked like a one-to-one conversation. The only sounds I heard
were breathing sounds from the faintly-observed entities in the background that
filled this huge place. I honored them and sat down. OOO-LON did likewise and
he spoke the following:

OOO-LON: “We welcome you back to our City domain. How may we serve

GENII: “For us on planet earth, changes are beginning in full force with weather,
violence and people going crazy trying to figure out what is going on, much
less handle it on a day-to-day basis. We salute this new year of 2010 even with
the unstable conditions and conflicting minds looking for peace and stability.
What can be said of these changes and the interest in 2012 ahead?”

OOO-LON: “It is observed that all you are reporting has validity and the
predictions of a calmer peaceful world is still on the Books of Life fulfillment.
Correct prophecies of such, an interpretation of ageless prophets who lovingly
predicted this has set the course not only for themselves but also for cosmic
entities who, though distant in the heavens, are nevertheless very important to
the cleansing of this planet. What you do here has far reaching effects, and they
are determined to support the efforts here, and have and continue to do so even

“Many on your planet think you are the only planet with intelligent life. Nonsense!
Your planet is just a baby in the scheme of a cosmic community. What have
your planet people done with what God has given you as a gift? Certainly drastic
changes must be implemented for this planet to survive, or what would you have
to walk on? Pay attention here! When a wound needs healing, do you not apply
an antiseptic?”

“So the shake-up or shift is in process, not unlike a dog shaking off excess water
from his fur. All this you are aware of, but it sets the scene for others to be in
agreement with themselves by being aware. This may set the scene but not
perhaps give you much comfort at the moment, but you can count on being able
to handle it when you are aware what is coming into view as the healing edifice
called the Holy City of Light.”

“There will be planetary peace, and those of minds that would oppose this idea
will leave by their own hands, as there are no victims, only creators, and all are

“The dateline of 2012 leaves little time of completion, and all this turmoil will
continue if left to its own devices. The Cosmic International Community united in
its efforts of cleansing are gathered here in this domain of Light as we lovingly
solve the problems the earth people give themselves. Like they have nothing
else to do? Please! We make room for the new edifice you sit in at this moment.”
(There was a hum in the auditorium behind him.) “This has been all preplanned,
and even your part was included as a representative of what has been given you
as a legacy left from your beloved husband, Dr. Bill.”

“This God-man had many previously-impacted lives of service, and you know of
his Hermes teachings. His background was vast with service and devotion, little
of which he knew in this current life. When he departed this life he learned of this
and is preparing his part in the City demonstration forthcoming. His preparation
with the beginning City plans has given way to the extension that has been given
to you to perpetuate further into the demonstration forthcoming. As said before,
this City has been imprinted in your DNA and cannot be removed as it transmits
the meaning you are to give forth.”

“Now then, the Dr. Bill exits and you stand in for him and millions of others, as
you hold court with what has been left you to serve and announce with . . . a
legacy to be sure. And now what do you do with it?”

“Daily you feel your body in some kind of strangeness due to the mental change
taking place that is unsettling but still part of your physical human form and must
be, to report even if this is a bit shaky at the present moment. It too will pass
away, finding your self stronger.”

“Earthy support of friends and family who understand the place in which you find
yourself can be helpful and supportive, as they understand that this is not an
earthly so-called old age process. Quite the contrary, Elevation of Light is the
title given from us.”

“It is noticed that some of the earthly interests have little or no interest anymore,
that you have your head in the clouds. Imagine that! But what is taking its place?
Far out interests? Of course. Like Dorothy of Oz, you are going home while still
on earth. Are you not learning Jedi ways?” (I nodded yes). “Your planet
programming is that people forget, and you are hearing more and more of this,
which includes you, on occasion.”

“What is happening, Dear One, is that you are being brought into the ‘Now’
between the past and the future. A really nice place to be; no worries, no
concerns, just being, even when the mind wants to keep the past from leaving.
Persevere unto the end, for it will serve you well. As you say, not a problem!”

“You wonder how and where you will travel for announcing (with a companion of
support.) We smile (and he did) as all is in process. Your electronic invention
called computer internet (kindergarten style, though it may be at this point), has
the opening to millions in one fell swoop. The contents of video and voice
impacts the many, as what is being done now with the Charles at the helm
sweeping up names and address of people who have more names and
addresses et cetera is in progress. Is this not an avenue of progress?”

“The follow-up is in person. Would not people want to meet the real Genii? Of
course! And as this year moves forward, expect the unexpected to appear as if
by angels. Keep going. Dorothy’s Emerald City of Light is right around the corner.
So then, Lady of Light, what say you?”

GENII: (Trying to get a voice sound after all this) “Being in this place with all of
you and hearing what has been said I am kind of speechless, but I recognize all
is correct and right on schedule. I accept my place in what I can accomplish and
will, to the best of my ability. Any extra energy and guidance will be appreciated.”

OOO-LON: “Indeed. It would be wise to write out your questions for future visits
to fill in the blanks, so to speak, and for now we excuse you to return back to
your Sedona home where even today the energy fields are very active as
you can feel and attempt to stay balanced. Quite a job, isn’t it?”

And with that we stood and headed for the entrance. This was quite a process.
And in a blink of an eye I was back home with my puppy who wants to play.
So Light It Be.

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