World Changes Ready or Not!

World Changes Ready or Not!
EMBASSY VISIT, August 21, 2010

The gate that I normally enter is awesome to behold and I move with others
excitedly and optimistically through this horseshoe entrance with my City Guide
La-Luke running us to the trolley, and heading to the Embassy of Peace.

How many times have I been here now? 30-40-50? No matter, each time is
important and I am honored to be ushered into the sanctuary before me. Within a
few minutes, we were standing before this High Tribunal of Space Entities from
various parts of the universe. The energy of love and wisdom penetrates my

OOO-LON: “I trust that you had good experiences since we last entered into
conversation of unknown commodities?”

GENII: “I do my best to stay balanced in these two worlds. It is not always easy.”

OOO-LON: “As stated, this will pass as you again are to move forward into the
east dawn land. You have questions?”

GENII: “I am told a sound or sounds from the universe will announce The City
appearance to be delivered.”

OOO-LON: “Yes.”

GENII: “What sounds am I listening for?”

OOO-LON “You have been carrying a static type sound in your head ever since
The City was introduced to you many years ago. Is this correct?”

GENII: “Yes, both Dr. Bill and I noticed it about the same time and it has been on
constantly ever since, sometimes higher than other times, but I ignore it most of
the time.”

OOO-LON: “You are aware that what you hear is your Light System like an
electrical ensemble. You are aware of this also?”

GENII: “Yes, Long since.”

OOO-LON: “This denotes that your system has been tuned in for some time now.
The sound from the universe will become obvious. Again it is advised to re-watch
the movie ‘Contact’ and to pick up the subtleties unsaid. The catch phrases are
signal points for you to be aware.”

“We are aware that you are a novice in this aeronautics area, but have no
concerns. It will be known. Your mental and physical accoutrements will tone you

GENII: “OK. I am open to what is expected of me to be experienced. I am about
to travel to the Chicago area to meet someone new. What can be said of this as
guidance as to what I am to take with me and do actually?” (Hum was registered
in the background).

OOO-LON: “Any location trip you take, always take The City material for people
will be deliberately put on your path. You are to serve as an advancement
spokesperson of the coming important events and those who can hear, will hear.”

“We attempt to advise you of what is possible for the City energy coming into
your dimension is in full force, making upheaval something traumatic. Your planet
people will react in many unusual ways and some not to the liking of most. Who
wants to be uncomfortable? It is in the ‘un’ that the comfort births.”

“The massive energy structure makes waves of its forthcoming, and you see
people not able to withstand these frequencies, and go what you would call
‘crazy.’ The destructiveness in these events are an introduction of massive
changes and most are unaware and could not understand the frequencies they
themselves are causing.”

“You have had centuries upon centuries of mental and physical warfare, and to
change all that to a peaceful existence is a massive experience in itself. You
have no idea of that which has gone on before to bring this to a demonstration
conclusion and will continue as such.”

“At this point, it is incomplete. Try as we may and do, this planet of Earth people
resist change in any shape or form, and in doing so, that very resistance brings
them forth more harm than good.”

“It has been repeated over and over that you are ‘source energy.’ Do your people
know what that means when they run amuck, doing dangerous things and then
wonder why that happened? We think not.”

“You are what is called in your dimension, God! But no, who can declare that?
Would one be blasted down or hung on a cross? Stupidity runs amuck and to
bring sanity into your planet takes all of those you see here in this sanctuary and
more besides. We are what you are, in different costumes but the same neverthe-
less. Imagine That!”

“You direct your energy to do what you want like sending your light through your
‘light saber’ like a Jedi Master would, but for good of the whole, with love, not
hate and malice and blame and all the dark forces data you are aware of.
People bring on their own demise, planet changes etc. It cannot be otherwise!
You people do it all. Congratulations! Understand? You understand?”

GENII: “OH Yes! … Very well!”

OOO-LON: “Then you are well aware of what is taking place and the absolute
need of the City demonstration to materialize into form. Will this shake up
various locations, be it mentally and physically? … Of course! How else can the
new be born … and be a clean clear planet be ready to intertwine with others in
the universe? Something of major proportions must take place … and it will …
and it is!”

“It has been said that this year of 2010 would be seen as tumultuous and has this
not been the case? Things that never happened ever before are making
newspaper headlines. Hello world. Pay attention here lest you miss the real
reason. Those who have done wrong will learn of a better side of themselves
through their own beliefs.”

“Again, you are this … God incarnate, source energy, The I AM … Imagine that!”
“Ahhh! Wait … pay attention here … don’t by-step this for it is not ego on a
rampage, but truth in the heart with such deep love attached. It has been said by
a friend that, “It is either love or it isn’t.” What has been in the energy fields is not
love in the truest sense … but mark these words, it will be … it will be!” (Again a
hum echoed in the background).

GENII: “What can I do? What are my instructions?”

OOO-LON: “Stay in balance as much as possible. We understand that with your
work, to stay grounded is almost impossible, and we support as we can. Listen
for indications of the tone of the City. Be open to share and in doing so, change
people’s vibrations and attachments of fear, for as said ‘God can do anything and
we add … will!”

“Be easy with your system. Rest and continue to love deeply everyone you meet,
for your love and honor are very strong. Delete any negativity of words and
actions from others. They have no place with your mission for love and light is far
more dependable, and you have these qualities beyond most.”

GENII: “Thank you. I will fulfill my mission as best I am guided.”

OOO-LON: “You are closer to the demonstration than ever before. Be easy with
you as your automatic electronic system is in a massive change. Enjoy what you
have demonstrated. Take your love trips and spread the word and expect it to
become more intense as the word passes and the energy lifts the people to
understand what is taking place. They will find you. Be open and giving of these

“So then, return again and we shall see what next steps are to be taken. You are
doing very well. Stay only in the God love for that is what heals and see the world
you live in become a peaceful situation even during the change-over.”

Then, I turned and my guide La-Luke led me to the trolley. I hugged him. No
words were needed or even spoken after that. And now I find myself home ready
to type this all up from my hand-written sights and sounds.
Blessed am I? You bet!

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing and Big LOVE to ALL !

    God Bless you !

    John Evanoff

  2. Hey, THANK YOU John for your words of loving encouragement!

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