The Feminine Rejuvenation Temple

The Feminine Rejuvenation Temple
August 13, 2009

“Be Ye Renewed By the Renewing Of Your Mind”

The way was made clear to reenter the City of Light by watching whatever
appeared on my screen of space. The 4 Keys to Light classes I share with others
have taught me well. This is only the second time I have taken someone with me.
I looked to enjoy what she and I would see, as no previous indication was

Arriving at the usual Gate of Receiving, I meet my guide, La-Luke, my guest
Amayra and a Guide of hers. We enter the Park of Relaxation where she seems
to be beaming, as she rested on a massaging bench, which began to massage
her back. She snuggled into it but not for long as we moved through the massive
willow trees, moving their branches aside like curtains ready to see the show.
We traveled onto a path unknown to me.

“Where are we going?” I asked my Guide.

LA-LUKE: “Ah, yet another Building of Receiving,” he replied. We seemed to
walk quite a ways past previously-seen buildings, which were all in white with
gold trims. “Exquisite!” I remarked silently to myself.

My guest tried to take in everything she could as we suddenly turned to the right
and to a beautiful building more like a temple, which I had not seen before but I
recognized, like all the rest, this was a healing facility of some sort.
GENII: “What is this place?”

He just smiled and bid us enter what looked like one of those doors that one
can revolve in like in hotels here. Inside this building we see what is called a
Transforming Welcome Station. Transforming what? Oh, well, we felt it was great
just being in the City.

The look on Amayra’s face said she concurred. The lobby, like many others, had
a bubbling fountain off to one side that made a tinkling sound as the droplets hit
the bottom.

Suddenly a female who appeared kind of transparent (which I call a see-through)
came into view and requested the male guides stay put and requested that we
women follow her down a very high-ceilinged corridor. On the walls of the
corridor and up to the ceiling there were vines of some sort where pink and white
tiny flowers bloomed and they had a sweet scent that was delicious.

Our corridor trip was a short one, as yet another circular room with yet another
waterfall and strange music coming from somewhere unknown came into view.
At this point several transparent ladies appeared in flowing pastel-colored gowns.
They beckoned us to follow as they laughed. Their laughter in itself is healing.
We are now at another room with a very large overhead screen and are invited to
lie on the lounges provided and requested to just rest, so we do. As we do, the
screen above gave us the instructions in English of what was to come next.

We were to watch our earlier lives come forth in picture form, and when we saw a
time we thought of ourselves as beautiful, young, vibrant, healthy and happy, to
stop at that point and keep this mental image firmly in place. We went through
being born into this life, the teen years, young adults, et cetera. The interesting
part also was that even though there was only one large screen, we only saw our
own life. Cosmic stuff to be sure. Why not?

I picked the time I was satisfied with what I saw and I can only suspect she did
too. We were then to mentally imprint that sight we liked as an up-to-date
memory clip that would sustain no matter what age we became, even 209.
Fascinating! Two female entities came over and though no audible words were
heard, one told us that we would always look like that, first to ourselves, and then
to others. This was a MIND MAKE-OVER. Imagine that!

A bevy of angel-type giggly female entities gathered around as we lifted off the
lounges. We human females looked at each other and joined in with the
attendees. Indeed, years had fallen so as to be nonexistent. So much for all the
cosmetic and surgery used now these days to do what we can see happened
here. Let’s hear it for this type of makeover. Whoopee!

We left the building feeling great with no memory of aging. It was all a mental
makeover. We headed back to our male guides who grinned, as they knew what
was going to take place with becoming the new us. We came in as one person
and got the thrill of any lifetime.

The women will get in line for this kind of delightful experience. The new us left
the building escorted back through the park and to the Gate of Entrance with our
memory healed, to only be the person we had chosen to look like and be. Thanks

Back in Sedona I could see many ready to get a memory makeover. This has
been a fun trip that indeed would change our lives forever. So that is the City of
Light Rejuvenation Temple. It will indeed be a favorite place for women, in
particular, to visit. Imagine that!
So Light It Be.

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