The High Towers

“High Towers… These four elevated stations,1,500 ft. high, (similar to a
catcher’s mitt) send out signals like a homing device that pull to them the
Uniphase Power Capsules (UPPC) of dynamic power not used on your planet, as
it is now known to exist, although you do have different designs of energy for
different reasons.”

“The matrix that unfolds here is beneficial to the whole intricate embellishments
contained within, around and over completely. This place of healing light is
several levels in depth which can and does steer the motoring ship device, as
well as the way of the healing lights of various kinds that take place“
“Nothing is left out, for in its magnificence this is a place of completion in the
healing fields that your world now can only surmise as possible.”

“As the City arrives (bringing the first prototype) it will supply scientists and
doctors with advancing education that is superior to what is now known, for
indeed you still walk with mental dinosaurs. To this point progress has been slow
to non-existent.”

“To intermingle, contact with others within the universe must change, and so this
City of Light will do that and more. It will be as if 1,000 years of future technology
has been laid at your feet within a few moments.”

“The day will come when many such cities will arise on the same premise of
catching the UPPCs, thus bringing energy to many places on your earth plane,
but the first is the ‘Attention Getter’, so to speak, with the initial appearance in the
Sedona, Arizona area.” (See page regarding this information).

“Are the High Towers and the Gate Towers important? Oh my yes, for what is
about to be deposited on your earth plane will, as has been said, be dramatic,
peaceful, healing and has earth-changing advantages.“

So Light it Be!

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