The Institute of Image Imprinting

The Institute of Image Imprinting
Another City of Light Visit August 4, 2008

Unexpectedly I was delivered this invision information, viewing a large white
circular-front building with a gold circular dome. Inside there were many, many
rooms. Each room could hold only one to two persons, the viewer and n assistant
guide as desired. These were called Personal Viewing Rooms.

When a person comes in, they face a big screen of some sort. They now have,
or previously had, made a decision on what their desire or wish is that they want
to see completed. They can see what they are thinking about at any given split
second moment of time. The guide is there to assist but not interfere with the

The person sits down, closes their eyes, pulls up the desire mentally and then
opens their eyes and watches the screen for, the desire is on the screen, in full
view. The mind in its fluctuation quickly can come and alter or switch that desire
and that is also seen. The mind does much switching due to the right and left
brain input.

In other words they are watching their own thoughts right before them, and how
the mind can make changes in a split second thus changing the beginning power
level of that desire. Even the feelings are recorded as well as colors etc.
This can continue until the person has the original desire or wish implanted into
the perfect image desired for when that is done the perfection is established and
the final demonstration is produced in their world.

Note: The Institute of Image Imprint is secure in the knowledge that this futuristic
programming will be hailed as the best technology of the century for, the
imagination of desire has laid the ground work and achieved the results thus,
making a dream wish desired come true in their eyes.

Trans-audio vision…Genii

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