The Light Modules

Healing the Future through the City of Light
Morning Message July 6, 2008

Q: Please expand on the healing properties of the City for families and children
as well.

A: “Healing facilities of many kinds are available, and even the most wounded on
any level can find a peaceful solution. Light technicians working with those who
seek healings, advice, and directions can find it there. Those professionals like
the Kathie Brodie who works with the hypnotherapy area can import her
knowledge but at a higher level due to the energy frequencies developed within
the City structure.”

“What you refer to as natural healing induced by the energy fields of the City can
bring immediate response to those seeking a healing. The Genii has visited
several such places where this is apparent. Children can be a quick study for
healing as they are more open to receive, but even the adults’ pre-programming
gets altered under such circumstances. Again, all is achieved by light.”


“The Genii observes the patients under-glowing in treatment of various lights via
the inner vision technique, for whatever the person’s needs may be now. Upon
arrival it this location, instead of going through much paperwork on the past
ailments, etc. of that patient, they merely walk through an EPS (Electronic Portal
Screen) entrance, at which time all the imprints of the DNA information, which
are in a coded form, are instantly picked up by the Light Technician for healing
action while the patient reclines on a floatation bed held in an electromagnetic
field. All this works well with the light body of the person seeking help.”

“The Light Modules themselves are a scientific wonder to experience, from the
unseen fragrances to the unusual musical healing tones and replenishing
pleasant moments of relaxation. From simple opening releasing for introductory
light surgery (where no knives, etc. are used), to the birthing of a newborn in the
Birth-a-terium, this indeed is a healing location like no other ever witnessed and it
is why the City of Light is so named.”

Why a City?

“City represents a large location, community of many people, and the attraction
of the healing facilities which make for an unusual place to get the mental,
physical, emotional and spiritual together to be healed and all at the same time
due to various unusual ways, while in this awesome beauty. Even a bit of fun is
enjoyed when in a golf course normality.

Players play with gold balls, which is uplifting when this ball of energy always
goes to the correct location. Expect some normal locations, but in the finery that
only God could develop.”

“Those who have negative feelings outside the Great Gates, they will begin to
dissipate as they enter the City inside in welcome. Expect the unexpected to
enjoy and heal no matter what the individual situation, for indeed this is a
healing heaven on earth.”

“So then continue to delight in what is to come about, for mankind, like no other,
will see a magnificent City of Light and all it contains, as the greatest show on
earth settles down as a major cosmic event never experienced before.”
So Light it Be!

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