The Memory Manor

The Memory Manor is where unwanted memories are released in a live movie
style holo-deck where pain is no longer experienced, ever from them …Healing
from released mental pain.

Morning Message February 12, 2008, 8:18 AM
The Memory Manor!

Setting the scene for another visit into the City of Light by Genii.

Walking up to this huge white building trimmed in gold, I had the sensing that something unusual was about to take place. This strange formation of a building was about three stories high with windows about two stories high, as far as I could see. It was awesome beyond my belief! I really wanted to investigate whatever was going on inside. And there was nothing on the outside that would give me a clue about what was going on inside.

I was with my guide, La-Luke, and he nudged me thru an opening that was meant to be a door, but instead of simply going through I kind of melted through it. Like I said, this was a very unusual place. Looking around I saw a very large, light, tropical-type foyer with cozy seats scattered here and there.

Okay, so far so good.

There appeared to be many corridors in all three levels with many small rooms attached on all the levels. My guide led me into one close by. We entered to find two seats only, one for me and one for my guide. In front of us was a large screen that DVDs would have fun playing on.

He asked me to find a memory that was deep and had pain attached that I would like released; then to close my eyes and envision it. As I chose my memory, in a split second it was on the screen in front of me. Then just as quickly the image on the screen disappeared and it was being recreated in three dimension as a play on a stage. I deduced I was in a holodeck situation. Amazing!

As I watched the familiar people interact within my memory scene, I realized that there was honestly no emotion within me attached to that scene whatsoever. I viewed the scene on the screen play out what I had relived over and over in my mind for so long and now finally there was no pain, no longer any interest in it. I got to see what was being released and I knew I would no longer wonder if I was going to have to relive it over and over again sometime in the future.

As soon as I got this revelation, the entire scene stopped. My guide nudged me that it was time to leave, and out a rear exit we went. We entered into a light shower which was washing away any residue I might want to keep as a ‘victim’ souvenir of that memory, for all the sympathy I could still ring out of it. No more for that one; I just didn’t care anymore. Who was that girl with that victim mindset?

Genii note: We subconsciously carry around lots of sadness and anger in what I call a “Subconscious Submarine” that travels underneath the surface of our lives, ready to surface when we least expect it. When will we know when a memory is totally released? Answer: when there is no more pain attached!

So lets hear it for the City of Light and the Memory Manor, where help is available.

Imagine that !

So Light it be !

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