The Parks in The City of Light

Part # 2 Second Visit – The Energy Park

The first thing I see as I pass through the same Gate as before, straight ahead is a park-like setting. Resting places I assume are benches yet, looking different. They seem to be alive with a relaxing vibratory of some sort within them. There is a walkway path that also seems to vibrate, making my feet feel very comfortable and walking is quite enjoyable.

The grass is shades of green from dark to light making a wavy kind of pattern on the ground that seems to rest my eyes. There are flowers but none I can identify. The colors are exquisite and the fragrances blend into an aroma that could be intoxicating as it is so relaxing.

The trees also had blossoms of some unknown kind and darting within the branches were very colorful tiny little birds also indefinable. They did not chirp but had a humming sound that made me feel that nothing else mattered. I was at
home. It looks like a very large park and I can see a small waterfall nearby that has pink water. Maybe it has a light under it.

There is an unseen frequency that has been felt as soon as I entered which quite balanced my nervous system. I just wandered alone for a bit. Over-hanging trees like willows covered whatever was beyond it. I have a sudden sensing that a City Guide will soon join me, “Is this correct?”

Teacher (voice): “The Genii will indeed be introduced to an exceptional scientific guide who will escort you thru the City of Light to the point that you be so attuned that it will be seen and felt as the City of Love.”

“You are welcomed into the interior not as a visitor, but as a friend of the Light Beings who reside here that are part of making this City the Light that it is. Welcome…enjoy your Vision.”

“We bid you the light of the Eternal day in peace and in love…Now!”

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