The Being Building

The Be-ing Building January 11, 2009

As before, once again I find myself at the Gate, but I know not which one. It
seems to be the only one in sight, anyway. As I enter the scene, crowds of
smiling people are also entering. This new site challenges any belief system that
something like this could really take place right before their eyes. I enter with the
rest of the crowd

The park is filled with happy faces in awe of this exposure. This is obviously not
a private vision tour today for me, at least at this moment. People move in
streams going here and there to explore this not-man-made extravaganza. I just
mill around watching what is taking place, mostly in disbelief.

As I follow a path veering off to the left, there is seen yet another building in the
distance. At this point I continue to follow. No guide yet is seen. Many people
have entered the grounds but no one is close to me as I am a distance ahead.
The building is a distance from the Gate. I approach this building.

Comment: These building all seem to be white and gold so far.

It was then that my guide La-Luke appeared. He led me inside. Melodious
sounds of an unknown origin spring out from unknown locations. The entryway
had exploded into a sound chamber of sensing that hit my heart and emotions,
so much so I was in bliss.

GENII: “What is this place?” I asked my guide.

“How do you feel?” he replied.

“I just do not have words to describe it. I am in such a state of ‘nothing matters,
this is all there is’. Have I come to heaven?”

He laughed. “Well, not quite. You are still alive. This is a healing sound
building. You know when you feel a time out is needed, or as you say, stop the
world I want to get off? Well, this is that place where the outside world stops and
you are just, as you say, be-ing.” “You might call it the Be-ing Building. This is
more of a pass-through place that for a short period of time you have all the outer
ingredients to entice you to just BE.”

“With nothing to prepare beforehand, we just walk in and you get the feeling of
be-ing. . . gentle, loving and restful, which tunes up the electrical system so much
that you can face the outside world more easily just by having felt what it is like to
just BE. As you are human beings, you need to know what it is to just BE.
So you entice that feeling when the outside world gets a bit heavier. How do you
feel now?”

GENII: “I feel wonderful, balanced and relaxed.”

LA-LUKE: “Good. Then we have come to the end of this visit. Mission
accomplished. Take this be-ing feeling back into your world and thus imprint
others who enter your electrical space for a moment.”

We walked out and back through the crowds of people, aah-ing and ooh-ing to
the Gate of Light. I waved thanks to my guide, upon which I quickly found myself
back home in Sedona feeling pretty good!

Thanks, God, for the visit to the Be-ing Building. It was great.
So Light It Be.

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