The Birth-aterium

Visit to the City of Light Birth-aterium! 5-16-2008 7:14 pm

Genii: “I sense a return to the City of Light again. What am I to see?”
and with this I saw the following impression……

” And the beauty of the interior brings my breath to a momentary halt
as we would say ‘breath-taking. But it is even beyond that for the
breath of what we may call God does emanate here. It is as simple as
that, yet mind changing in its value.

I may never be the same again in my daily world.

I see a path of steps that seem lit and make a tinkling sound feeling
as I step on them one at a time. My City Guide La Luke smiles and
leads me of the “Toning Stones.”

We walk across a small bridge where tiny fish that look like dolphins
leap out and then duck under in play. I was busy enjoying them and
he motioned me to look up and in doing that a large building was
fairly near circular in design and with a door you could it seemed melt
thru. And we did. It was kind of like Jell-O with no flavor. What? Oh
well. This is really getting sci-fi.

The interior was like a center hotel lobby with plants and flowers and
water falling into various pool centers where swans swam and lit
from the skylight opening and was very big .

There were women dressed in pastel rainbow colors of sheers in
attendance who smiled at us. What’s not to smile about here?
Wondering what this was and where we were going, I suddenly

Guide: ” We are in the Birth-aterium.” he replied.

Genii: Is this like the Breath-aterium?”

Guide: ” Not quite but breathing is important.” he smiled. “This is
where new Earthlings are born.”

Genii: ” Now I am really getting interested.”

Guide: “They are toned and breathed into being. Come I will show

Walking into a corridor leading away from this beautiful center so
clean and filled with the aroma of spring flowers in bloom then we
took a slight turn and up a few steps to a viewing center to look down
into the birthing ‘pod’ as it was referred to.

Three ladies were in a natural birthing process. Like in the Light
modules they lay on floatation beds. The Pod light was mesmerizing
in its soft brilliance, and it was quickly seen that other than the
birthing mother, women attendants dressed in white, and this soft
light which seemed to come from the women’s auras, nothing else
was seen.

No hospital paraphernalia anywhere and, this was a peaceful place
of total joy. No screaming, telling to push, or pushing, no profanity or
any of the hard labor we go through.

It was delightfully amazing and what a surprise to witness this new

The babies were born in light and love and just floated out into this
world laughing and gurgling. The mothers were having a “birthing
party”, imagine that! The babies were born being happy to be here
and take their first breath.

As each baby was delivered a different sound was heard. Each
one had their own tone. I watched the colored auras around the
attendants change as each baby arrived. This indeed was the way
babies should be able to come into the world easily and effortless
and with no physical problems. Just pure and happy to be here.
This must be the way we are supposed to be born! Praise God…
we need this City of Light!

My Guide told me that pre-breathing exercises are addressed before
they enter here and in the birth canal, the baby picks up this breath
frequency and the indwelling tone becomes the harmony that resides
within each child upon birth.

This is the best way of giving birth to children who will make up our
new world. As more Light Cities appear the pre -mothers will have
new and different things to do that will change their DNA for, the
fetus that is the child, of the future are truly little Light Beings in
every sense of the word.

Genii: “This is truly God in light healing.”

Guide: “Interesting with this way of birthing, there is no healing to
be done. This is where your physicians will be able to learn new and
sensible ways to remove the old unreliable ones of guess work and
the doctors will not have to search for answers they will just inwardly
know, and will be correct”.

“Many doctors and scientists will come for advanced light teaching
such as maybe your friend doctor Miller and be invited to be one of
those who will want to know more of Light Techniques used
here…So now we leave.”

He turned around as I took one more glance and feeling of this
birthing place where love and the light that beckons the new babies
to be born… loved and free!

So Light it Be!
Genii Townsend trans-audio 5-16-2008 7:14 pm

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