The Deciding Place

The Deciding Place July 27, 2008 Page 50

I just could not resist the inner invitation to travel back into the City of Light
interior this morning, so in my quiet time I laid aside my usual meditation
practices to watch whatever was to be presented, fully knowing I haven’t a clue
what that will be. So with a sip of my morning tea here I go . . .

Closing my eyes but still being open to anything, I find myself again standing in
front of one of the massive 5 stories tall great Gate Towers. It is so extremely
beautiful it could, as we say, take your breath away. The scene was enhanced
with the sun reflecting it in all directions.

I stand alone and I can see a bit into the interior that I had visited before, the park
with the bench type seating that massages your body, sending shivers of feelinggood

No sound was detected, but a few brightly-colored birds darted from branch to
branch in willow-type trees, as flowers of all descriptions swayed merrily on their
stems. I sat here getting massaged, while seeing this amazing place. I wondered
if I was like Dorothy and had made it over the rainbow. .

As my eyes were closed on this Sunday morning blocking out the Sedona
sunshine, I just let the scene develop into what it was supposed to contain. I felt
a presence near me and my city guide, La-Luke, was there smiling. “Relaxing,
are you?” he inquired.

Genii: “Yes. I can do nothing else but wonder what I did to deserve being able to
be in this holy place. Feeling good can take place so quickly here.” I replied.
LaLuke: “The interior has many techniques of healing, for it is a facility designed
to do that. If people on this planet were all healed there would be no need for the
City at all, but centuries of conflict have produced a high volume of healings
needed. Come, we will walk a bit and start at the beginning.” He took my hand
and I felt a whole lot of energy connecting to me.

We began to walk what I sensed was some sort of Labyrinth of Light. We walked
through the willow trees and past the Healing Fountain Pool that healed Skin
Abrasions. I remember putting a finger into the strange, thick water and sensing
something was taking place, even though I had no problem with the finger. Just
being near, my skin felt refreshed, and the dry skin cream I used in my earth
world was, indeed, not needed here.

Looking around the many buildings newly seen led me to believe that this place
is huge and it could go on for miles. I guessed that each one could do different
kinds of healings. “Quite so,” said my guide, reading my thoughts telepathically.

LaLuke: “In order to heal the human body through the mental path of human
thought, that human, in his mental capacity, has to believe that it is fact, not
fiction, because the belief system is connected to the emotional tract. The
building they are entering is, indeed, the one that can cure what ails them.
Know that if you humans go into that place, you are assured that you will be
healed of …whatever is important.”

“Many buildings are designed to serve one area of healing only. Within the
healing properties of this or that building comes the Advanced Light Technology,
far beyond what is reached at this point in your medical advancement, as good
as it is learning to be. It just was taking so long to bring it all forth that it was
decided to bring forth the City to be the prototype of advancement. This you
already have been advised, so now we shall enter the building on your right.”
This building was white, sort of round with spirals like a unicorn horn heading
skyward. White and gold seem to be the chosen colors of the buildings so far.
“This building is THE DECIDING PLACE, the beginning location of service where
one decides what ailment needs attention that would satisfy their mind. Be it
mental, spiritual, emotional or whatever, all are attached to the physical body
temple. In this place the discernment of the person decides what should be
taken care of.”

Inside the building was like several others, with a center circular lobby-type
setting where, again, the beauty of a gently flowing pool relaxed me totally.
Looking around I see several horseshoe-shaped openings leading to corridors
with windowed rooms that have no one inside, just lights, One room had pink
lights, another blue, et cetera. The colors vary from darker to almost invisible

Genii: “What is this?” I asked.

LaLuke: “Each room varies due to the person inside. As the colors emanate, the
one that is applied is not only their favorite color but one that is compatible with
their light body. Here is where the decisions are made to continue the process of
total healing. It is high technology, but also what you can simply understand at
your level of understanding. So then this is the Building of Decision, and the
healing has already begun. But now it is time to take you back to the Gate, for
you have had enough light levels now and you have to function in your physical

All this is breathtaking to be sure, to the point of almost non belief, but believe
you me I am truly a believer … thanks, God, for the invitation. This is indeed
God’s favor activated.
So Light it be!

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  1. I am deaf and would like to go there. Beautifully.
    lots of love marga

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