The Empowerment Emporium

The Empowerment Emporium, Message, June 22, 2008, 6:02 am

Once again, having been guided to re-enter thru inner vision, I pass
thru the south Gate, thus meeting my City Guide, LaLuke. He smiles
as he takes my hand and we walk forward. As I glance at the Gate
Towers all shiny and beautiful, I wondered at the holy majesty of
these enormous structures that loom so huge above me, giving off
a feeling of such peace as I have ever experienced.

The outside world of turmoil had disappeared and as he led me
forward I was in awe. One could not be otherwise.

LaLuke walked me thru the park of the Relaxation Massage Benches
to yet another path of exploration.

We walked to a garden-type lattice-covered tunnel that smelled
heavenly, with tiny white blossoms reaching out to give one much
sensual pleasure.

As we came to the end, there in front of us was a building white with
golden spires that were several stories high. At the doorway in
welcome were two entities which gave me the feeling that people
entering the City would encounter many what I refer to as seethroughs.
They assisted in this spirit/human experience.

Since this City is a Healing place, I expected to see more ways
of healing the physical and mental bodies we walk around in.
Interestingly, as we stepped inside the floor seemed to move
gently like it had a life of its own.

Genii: “Where are we?”

LaLuke: “What see you?”

G: I looked around as faint colors floated in the air. Emotional
balance was experienced even with the floor moving gently.

LL: “This is an Emotional Balancing Building. You use the word
“emporium”. This could be considered an Emotional Emporium.
As each person enters, the colors that that person needs to verify
that his power centers are balanced, they attach to themselves.”

“Remember what was told you eons ago of the colors/fragrances/
etcetera of each of the body power centers? Here one can
experience this. As the colors and lights activate the body senses,
they can give a major report of that, and it can be experienced in this

So here it was, gentle movement of the floor massaging the feet (for
we had left our shoes outside) and beautiful colors floated around us
inviting us to accept these Power Center chakras to balance.
In this building if anything was not functioning energy-wise it was
put to rest, for in balancing one felt euphoric and totally healthy.
I recognized from the first writings of the City by Dr. B. there were
very many regular places we, as humans, would recognize. This
seems to be the covering of all that, like filling in the blanks that
were unseen but there all the time.

The balancing tunnel brought out the best of me, since I now felt
balanced. I should add that inside screens of some sort showed
which chakras needed the balancing and the colors changed to
permit this to happen. So then it was a carousel of color that
balanced the power centers, thus lifting the person’s emotional and
spirit senses to a heightened degree and a feeling of happiness and
joy was experienced, including being totally relaxed. One could also
take a mental area (of any different concern) to be washed out in this
emotional emporium.

Thus, be it love need, that chakra now felt that.
If fear release was desired, that, too, was completed. Any mental
area was taken care of due to the indoctrination beginning with this
covered building of rainbow lights.

If one had a worry when they went in and thru this building, it was
cleared out from the subconscious It was amazing to see and feel
the power centers being cleared.

The Emotional Empowerment Emporium was ready, then, to be
entered into, and after we exited the flower-covered bridge-like
exterior, we entered in the emporium itself, where in a circular mall type
setting where there were many spaces or rooms which were
open to give what that person now desired with no reservations.

If one desired more love, they stepped inside and got it through
feeling and heart. If one desired more fun, another room provided
that, et cetera, et cetera. Wishes were granted.

The emotional charges of unbalance were not sensed any longer.
You literally came out a happy, balanced person.

Well, Joy to the World! The Lord (City) has come. The unbalanced
is Light balanced and being lifted in emotion far enough to empower
others. Emporium Empowerment – How great is this?

2 Responses

  1. It is a nice to view again what I have seen before but in times past. It reminds me of the task at hand to heal a healing building that has been mared. But it to shall be healed and be the beacon light that it was designed to be.

  2. Update from Genii, January 3, 2012.

    Empowerment Emporium. Pages 45-46.

    ” Those who experience this place of balancing wonders, carry back into their world satisfied to be alive and all the joy feelings that come with, feeling good. This building is totally designed in the highest technology of balancing the human’s inner systems not recognized at this point on your planet. Thus new ways, the new life is lifted into place and the person entering does not have to do anything except feel the energy within its interior, and the colors that balance while putting in alignment for maybe the first time in any of their lives “….

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