The Feminine Place

The Feminine Place
September 3, 2008

Normally I have gone on these visits on my own. This is the first visit I have taken
someone with me……… Kathie Brodie.

As the inner vision began on this quiet morning in Sedona I see Kathie and me at
the South Gate that I always pass thru. It is clear that my friend Kathie is with me
on my right side. She looks astonished at this gate of entrance and beauty
reaching five stories high encrusted with gems of very large size.

This visit is a kind of an experiment where someone enters with me and it seem
to be working. I hope Kathie enjoys what she did and said, as I have no concept
of what will take place until it does.

It was here we were met not by my usual guide but by a beautiful female entity
wearing sheers of rainbow colors. She beckons us to follow her. I mentally
asked the name of this guide and she says Tula.

As we entered, the park was still there. Kathie headed for the massage bench I
had spoken of before, and the look on her smiling face said it all. Tula moved
ahead and we followed thru the low hanging willow trees. Tula then made a
quick right turn and we entered yet another path of exploration.

Now where, I wondered? Kathie was busy taking in all the sights with
relaxed pleasure. Ahead was a group of see-through entities, all female, who smiled at
these new visitors as we passed.

We climbed a small hill-like bump on the path to see another white building
already in place. It had a two-story high horseshoe shaped glass (I guess)
window and doors so you could see thru into the interior. Oh my, it was beautiful!
Humm. Obviously God only knows beautiful, I thought, because everything just

We entered this massive gazebo type circular place with a ceiling that held
birdcages and long lines of flowers. There were flowers everywhere. I could hear
water tricking down over rocks, some seen, some not. The sounds of harp tones
filled the air, and I figured we had just entered heaven somehow.

TULA: “This is a holy place of the feminine.”

We both could feel that if not, we really needed a healing of some sort. Tula bid
us to sit on this padded couch-like “seat”, or whatever they call them. “This is
called THE FEMININE PLACE!”, Tula said.

Kathie asked: “What happens here?”

TULA: “The female of your species forgets her inner beauty, and for the most
part has to take on the masculine to survive. Here she has a chance of healing
and reigns in her goddess image she was born with in the first place, no matter
what the world thinks of her and she has accepted as truth, and thus has to
subject herself to the truth. Here she in re-imprinted to remember what she came
into the world to be . . . feminine.”

Kathie remarked that what she feels in this place was the totality, that everything,
unlike her previous feeling, was changed. She thought it was great to feel so
feminine and she felt balanced and it was strong within her.

Tula smiled, nodded, and said, “One has only to come in, relax, enjoy the viewing
and accept all the working if this place to bring forth the feminine that you are and
were encoded with when you arrived as female, and for the most part have set
aside to care for your human world.”

GENII: “This place puts you in sort of a meditative state and I feel different.”

TULA: “How different?”

GENII: “Just like a new part of me has been added or something has cleared
away.” Kathie nodded. Genii said, “It is wonderful being a girl. Is this just
because we are here?”

TULA; “Yes, this building is designed to heal from the inside out and to bring
forth the original designed woman you are suppose to be, not as you do in your
world in needing a make-over. You show that you feel.”

KATHIE: “Will this knowing end when we leave?”

TULA: “No, this is why this is a healing place; that in which the self worth is
brought forth and the old programming is expelled. No need to keep going in for
more treatments. It is done here just by being inside. Of course this change over
will need some new thinking as well, but why not feel beautiful all the time and
not have to search for it on occasion?”

GENII: “Do the males have a place too?”

TULA: “Oh yes, the Masculine Place! The gender of the male is different so the
frequencies inside are different to draw to itself what the masculine was born to
be. Men have desires not spoken of to the female and need also to remember
the sacred part of them, so the Masculine Place takes care of that on all levels.”
“So then this is the discovery of the Feminine place. Remember it when you are
back in your world, and take these frequencies enjoyed here, the sights and the
sounds, with you.”

Tula got up as harp music of some kind that seemed to verify what we were
sensing began to play and she and led us back to the glass entrance. We almost
floated, but since we were not used to floating yet, we walked. It is hard to
explain the changes we felt we had dropped off like an outer garment
revealing the god light we had brought forth. Kathie just glowed, as I have never
seen her before.

A last glance around was an invitation to return again, for our true feminine was
in place. The gardens, the birds and flowers on long vines did leave an
impression, as did the water sounds.

Wow… Women will sure want to experience THE FEMININE PLACE.
Imagine That!

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