The Fountain of Light

CITY OF LIGHT TOUR THE FOUNTAIN # 55 (on the plot plan.)

Q: Please describe the City fountain in the center of the City grounds
and it’s properties.

“First of all there is one. It stands approximately 15 feet high from the
base which itself is on a pedestal of approximately 3 feet high.”

“This magnificent structure has a velocity of frequencies that permit
the fountain to have healing powers (to a certain extent) and
attracting those who are near the base, the uplifting of their mental
(which in itself lifts the physical systems.)”

“The light that is emitted from it is controlled by the underground
surveillance technicians who have themselves had such a raising of
consciousness that is beyond your local thinking. (It is known to the
Genii that a complete underground City itself lay beneath the

The base of the fountain carries the electrical circuitry that
promotes the uplifting properties that affect all who are near.”
“The base or the bowl of the Fountain can be seen as large flower
petals. Each one emanates colored lights like rolling waves of
prismatic rainbows. There are four large petals facing the four
cardinal points north, south, east and west. It is a light modular in

“From the center, like the pistils of a flower, light extends 15 more
feet into the air spilling down on those who may be seated or
standing nearby.”

“The moods and attitudes then would change for the better as the
frequencies connect with each person’s electrical system. Indeed this
Fountain is to be enjoyed in awe and happiness as they experience it
in its intensity.”

“This then is just the beginning point of your current mental projection
into the City of Light. Those involved in this outer process now being
spoken of are admonished not to share this information with others
not involved in this process. It is to remain only in your mind for
viewing with your guide.”

“Daily devotional work with the tonal –vision will not only bring it into
your view mentally but through this singular process can bring it into
view for the masses.”

“You are encouraged to direct your viewing daily within yourself and
feel what this Fountain of Light can really do for yourself while
mentally in its proximity.”

“You with the others involved have the combined power to bring forth
the City into manifestation.”

“This then is the beginning of the beginning. It is sacred and modern
beyond belief. It is scientifically modern beyond belief.”

“It is now a part of your life’s path should you choose to accept this
blessed offering to assist in the process.”

“Welcome to the City of Light….

First in your mind,
Then in your heart,
Then on the planet for all to see.”
“God is, I am,
The City and I are one!
So Light it Be!”

Trans-audio medium
Genii Townsend

One Response

  1. I just want to be there. The City Of Light, will be in my dreams now. It sounds like a place where I could find peace, and be healed of all the pain in my body and my heart. Thankyou for sharing that with me. I love God, and cannot wait for the Ascension to take its place here on our planet earth. With Light & Love from Anna.x

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