The Masculine Place

GENII: “Do the males have a place too?”

TULA: “Oh yes, the Masculine Place! The gender of the male is different so the
frequencies inside are different to draw to itself what the masculine was born to
be. Men have desires not spoken of to the female and need also to remember
the sacred part of them, so the Masculine Place takes care of that on all levels.”

Update from Genii January 4, 2012. The Masculine Place. Totally devoid of feminine energy, this complex is pure male in every sense of that word to give the male gender a soft place to unload what cannot be known by any female for the privacy is important for total freedom is located here.

It reports that the male of the species holds an honor like other. The inner setting is barren of female influence as the male discovers who he really is on his own with the energies of total masculine power and love that one may be devoid of, he will find and feel it here for his god given life he can relate to more.

To describe this place this inner setting if you will, to a female (even the Genii at this time) would be interfering in the masculine energy of privacy, so it will not be reported here except to say to the males, that they will recognize their light of being a male and thus setting the pre-record straight.”…

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