The Playing Field

The Playing Field
January 2, 2008

Having taken the first vision visits into the City interior I am advised to return, and
I do just that …

Traveling clockwise with my Guide La-Luke, we follow a wide path where yet
another park-like area is noted. This one is different because it has a shimmer
and children “‘see through” entities are playing by throwing small balls of light
and laughing as the balls disappear in a layer of some kind of mist hanging low
overhead. The balls were made from this shimmering mist. What was going on?

My guide smiled and said that this shimmering mist was just another type of light.
This was why the children were laughing, for it made them feel so good that they
could do nothing else but to watch the light balls disappear like melted snow
balls, which made it all the funnier.
He requested I try one.

I reached up into this lower layer of strange mist and grabbed a handful of light
stuff. It felt of no weight, just like nothing, but my hands were guided to make a
ball, so I did. It was like making something out of nothing, which I guess we do
when we create from an unseen thought into a full-fledged creation of some sort.
However, it was very strange!

I threw it at La-Luke but it disappeared into the mist again before it got to him. I
asked him if this had to do with healing?

He reported, “Of course! The Fun Balls of Misty Light make those playing feel
good, and when you feel good, the cells in the body/mind connection heal …
simple analogy!”

And with that he nudges me to move with him on our continued path in the City of

Note: What fun to have fun with the unexpected! This is quite a place, where
even fun heals. We all knew that didn’t we, or did we?

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