The Star Wings of a Healing Building

The Star Wings of a Healing Building
Inner City Visit July 8, 2008
Page 53

QUESTION: (To my guides) “And what would be my adventure tonight? Anyone
want a conversation?”

ANSWER: “Yes, several are in attendance.”
QUESTION: “Okay. What shall we talk about?”
ANSWER: “That which is always interesting.”
QUESTION: “The City?”
ANSWER: “Of course. Permit you to travel again beyond the gates and follow a
new path that leads to yet another healing location.”


I then find my vision self at a new location looking at a huge building that has five
star- shaped points. The building is silver and is reminiscent of a cosmic sci-fi
type. Each point is a laboratory where different light techniques are tested and

QUESTION: “How many light ways are there to heal with?”

ANSWER: “As many as the healings that are needed, for various people have
on your planet mental imprints that suggest a healing is desired. Your hospitals
and doctors’ offices are overrun with appearances needing attention, so each of
the Star Wings introduce the advancement and the best in cosmic technology
beyond your current situations. Come, we take a peek into one.”

We entered the building center filled with such fresh air as I have never
experienced before, and not from air conditioners it seems. Each Star Wing
protruded from this center point. We headed for one wing and passed thru a DNA
screen like in the light modules but yet different.

In doing so, Light Technicians can see in advance what may be a new malady
appearing which will again be added into the advanced technology, thus stopping
it before it has a chance to disrupt the light body functions of the person.
Amazing! They were making something out of nothing.

What they were doing was unclear to me. All I could see was glowing particles
and then see how they magically went together like pieces of a puzzle. The Light
Technicians were like “see-throughs” to me, but I could see them clearly.
If this is all E.T. stuff, they are very welcome and desired by yours truly. No one
there said anything, but I did catch a smile now and then.

“What is happening here?” I say, having a great time viewing the unknown.
The answer is, “Magic in the making. You say you like magic? Well, dear
student, this is it!”

(At this point there was an interruption in the house and the vision stopped, but I
was pleased to see this Star Trek way of bringing forth what is unknown … yet
with good times ahead.)

So Light It Be!

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